Verdict In Decatur Case

99 years in prison! And if you are thinking early parole, think again. He won't be eligible for parole until he serves "one-half of his sentence or 30 years, whichever is less." I think he is 47 years old.. Background of the case was posted earlier today just before noon.

"That didn't work out well" - Defendant leaving court carrying his own law books

There wasn't  anything sensational about this case other than the defendant himself. For months, he has made outburst after outburst during court appearances basically telling anyone who was trying to help him or making sure he was treated fairly that they were crooks and/or incompetent.  Everyone was expecting some kind of crazy conduct during the trial so security was beefed up.  However, he behaved himself (at least in front of the jury) and it pretty much went down as a routine trial.

His worst mistake was timing. His exact crime, even with his long criminal history, carried with it a maximum of 180 days in jail prior to 9/1/01. After that, Evading with a Vehicle (especially if you had a prior Evading conviction) put him in a position where the State could enhance the range of punishment and restrict his eligibility for probation. With the exception of capital punishment, he faced and received the harshest penalty available in Texas.