Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone sent me a "I think this is your dog" email but it turned out to be a "Hey, now."
  • Channel 8 had a story on the Bridgeport Hospital last night.
  • Final last words from a Texas man executed last night: "You're not about to witness an execution, you're about to witness a murder . . . . I've never killed anybody, never. This whole thing is wrong." I'd shrug off his comments but, then again, he was convicted in Denton County.
  • Anthony Weiner, the Democrat in New York who resigned after a scandal earlier this year, had represented a district which had not elected a Republican since the 1920s. That is, until last night. Boy, the conservatives will be firing off the "See! You're next Obama" battle cry all day long. 
  • There was a victim's name misspelled in the engravings at the 9/11 Memorial in New York. The first thought that comes to mind: "Is that all?" 
  • For you frequent Lubbock goers, stop and take a look at that War Memorial that you pass in tiny Benjamin sometime. You can tell there are many names that had to be replaced due to mistakes. 
  • My girls softball team won its first game of the year last night -- and that was with our starting pitcher not being able to make it at the last minute. After that lineup adjustment, let's just say I've cleared a place on the mantel for that Manager Of The Year trophy.
  • The Third Grader in the House thinks it is big entertainment watching me try to back out of the driveway and negotiate around the rented Man Sized Truck that Mrs. LL is driving. 
  • The trial I mentioned going on in Decatur did indeed kick off yesterday, but I wasn't able to watch any of it. But I did notice that the windows of the courtroom doors had been covered -- it's still open to the public, but you can't see what's going on from the hallway. 
  • It seems like there are a more empty storefronts on the Decatur courthouse square than usual. 
  • Blake Beavan was a metroplex kid who was drafted out of high school by the Texas Rangers in 2007. Moments after being drafted, he raised eyebrows by saying he could do as well as any pitcher on the Rangers at that very moment. He finally made it to the big leagues this year and he is 4-5 with a 4.32 ERA. Not bad for a very young kid.
  • The right high school kid can start right away in the NBA, could play in the NFL after about three years, but MLB needs them to develop for four or five. I've always thought that was weird. 
  • I keep a detailed database of every thing that happens in every case that I handle. Once it's closed, there's generally no need to ever update it again. But I always go back and make an entry if I see the client's name in the obituaries. 
  • Decatur is ranked third in the state in volleyball?
  • A Texas record: Yesterday Wichita Falls recorded its 100th day of temperatures of 100 degrees or more. I'm pretty sure that won't be on the Chamber of Commerce brochure.