I'm Telling You, Be Worried About The Chinese

Ever since I saw that drum routine in the opening ceremony for the Olympics in China, I've had my eye on that country. So many. So disciplined. So young. So Chinese.  

Hello, perfect army.

Now comes along this video, and I'd like to say I'm as shocked as you are! I can't get two kids into a car the size of their bedrooms unless they've got cell phones, a DVD player, and an iPod -- not to mention air conditioning blowing on "arctic". But these little Chinese kids looked as happy as can be even though sardines aren't packed in that tight.  Sure, there were one or two that got a little handsy once outside the van (trust me, the government will weed those troublemakers out), but for the most part they were like disciplined little soldiers.

You guys can worry about the Muslims, but it's the Chinese who are on my Watch List.