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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Although it's still kind of hard to figure out, the Dallas Morning News has announced it will start charging for some of its online contact. And by "some" it sounds like any story authored by a Dallas Morning News reporter. This will be interesting.
  • And in one of the comments on the story, someone used the phrase/words: "sesquipedalian verbosity." Wow. 
  • One year ago at this very moment, I was on a completely vacant Costa Rican beach. 
  • I think Jon Gruden does an awful color commentary job. Last night, while commenting on Stanford QB Andrew Luck during the Orange Bowl, he said, "He's an incredibly accurate passer which is often the most overlooked aspect of the position." Really? Accuracy is overlooked?
  •  I've never thought being very bright is a requirement to be an NFL coach. Case in point: John Madden.
  • Weird: News of over 3,000 birds falling dead to the ground in Arkansas over the weekend. They now believe they were spooked by fireworks and then crashed into each other and objects. 
  • The "feel" of our courthouse has changed a lot over 20 years. And not in a good way.
  • I still haven't seen Inception because all I can think of is that it will be like Memento and Memento hurt my head. 
  • Are we headed for record breaking low temperatures around Monday, January 17th? Some people think so. 
  • Forgot to mention how weird it was to see that the Rose Bowl was on ESPN. 
  • The new House of Representatives will read the Constitution out loud. Let the showboating begin. 
  • And then they've scheduled a vote to repeal Obamacare. Let the showboating really begin. 
  • We got news yesterday of another wrongful Dallas County conviction -- this one caused a man to be incarcerated for 30 years. Hey, the next time you're on a jury and the judge tells you to find the defendant not guilty if you have a reasonable doubt about his guilt, do it. 
  • Ended up watching most of the original pilot of Six Feet Under last night before I went to sleep. Greatness.
  • Edit: Forgot to mention Rick Perry throwing millions of taxpayer money at one of his buddies.