Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, here comes another year. 
  • Remember this when politicians talking about fighting the "spill over violence" at the border: There is none. El Paso had its lowest murder rate in 46 years in 2010 with only five murders. (General reports put the murder rate at over 3,000 across the border in Juarez.)
  • I became a drill sergeant on the morning of January 2nd: All the Christmas stuff was going to be down by noon. It was a rousing success. 
  • Here is the final top ten for the 2010 box office. Obviously, the day of the traditional movie is over.
  • Mrs. LL finally has the wrist surgery on Thursday. Man, is she looking forward to it.
  • I think the Family Cat has finally calmed down some. She's still a terror but only half the time.
  • I'll admit I thought TCU was going to get rolled. And after that first play (a Wisconsin running back took off for about 35), I was even more sure of it.  The Frogs next game? 9/3/11 at Baylor. 
  • That Steven Tyler scream on those American Idol commercials is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  • There was a commercial yesterday offering a coin "clad" in gold with the advertisement showing a chart demonstrating the value of gold. Then they disclosed the gold content was 15 milligrams which, by my calculations, make the gold content worth less than 75 cents.
  • If you're a fan of ESPN's Ron Franklin, an incident cost him a radio gig. 
  • It was kind of fun to walk outside at midnight on NYE and listen for nutcases. Yep, they were out there. 
  • My office is cold. I just watched a youtube video on "how to relight a pilot light." I hope this isn't a terrible way to start off the new year. 
  • That Cowboy game was worse than a pre-season game. And I'd take a higher draft pick over a meaningless win any day. (They dropped from 6th to 9th.)
  • A parade for TCU? I'm not sure the turnout would be all that great. 
  • Link to story of a former Bridgeport woman killed in an unusual accident in Denton.