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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • So the Homeless-Man-With-A-Golden-Voice gets a job offer while the releases his criminal history.
  • Mrs. LL has surgery on wrist #1 this morning. I guess that means I'm becoming a nurse this afternoon.
  • The Dallas Morning News will pull its hair out with its new pay-for-content policy. Currently, if the paper ever has a scoop in its morning paper, you'll hear it on WBAP, KRLD and KLIF just like those stations had discovered the info themselves. Will this change? I doubt it. And throw in how someone with a subscription will copy and paste the story on the Internet causing an exponential dissemination of the story, and you've got a DMN failed bit.
  • Finally, I've beaten my two week long head cold. Sheesh. 
  • I wonder if that guy that put up the Christmas lights on my house will come back to take them down? Uh, oh. 
  • Wow: The iPhone 3GS (the one I still own) will now be $49 from AT&T.
  • Congress reciting the Constitution today will give rise to some great and awkward Jon Stewart clips. 
  • Interesting story of a former coach and high school star having his probation revoked in a Tarrant County case involving teacher/student sex. But did the judge really need to go into drama mode and announce that "you're being expelled"?
  • Fox 4 News' morning show during the 5:00 a.m. half hour was having technical difficulties like nobody's business. It even caused Tim Ryan to get pissed.
  • Tow days ago a guy on my jogging trail heading the other way yelled out at me "There's a dog back there but I'm not sure he'll bite." Huh? A couple of hundred yards up was a big dog with his back to me. I turned around. 
  • Coach news: Wade Phillips got a job as defensive coordinator with the Houston Texans, the University of Michigan may make a run at TCU's Gary Patterson, and the Evil Empire finally talked someone into being its defensive coordinator but is still looking for someone to run the offense. 
  • Idiocracy: Some Texas state rep named Gallego has introduced a bill (H.B. 137) requiring a person who has been convicted of DWI to obtain a driver's license with "a distinctive symbol or marking on the face of the license" which would reveal the existence of the conviction. First timers could get the symbol removed after three years. I never knew the biblical "mark of the beast" was actually "the mark of the State."