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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • TCU fans that are aware of the OSU President's "Little Sisters of the Poor" comment, you will absolutely love this. And I mean love it.
  • Mrs. LL did really well post surgery. Even though she's in pain, I think she's so excited about the prospect of the pain stopping after two months that she's giddy.
  • Weird to have the doctor come out into the waiting room post surgery and ask for "Mr. Green" to update me. That's never happened to me before. And with her mother there as well, I felt like she deserved priority on the update.
  • Cutting up Motrin pills into smaller pieces makes me feel like a drug dealer. 
  • Looking around the waiting room at a surgery center made me speculate as to what body part was wrong with the other people. 
  • Fiona on NYE.
  • Watched a bit of Money Drop last night: I think those contestants are actors. And the build up/delay (like in Deal or No Deal) is what keeps me from watching game shows.
  • Dallas had its lowest murder rate in almost 50 years last night  year with 148 homicides. The breakdown: Ninety percent of the city's murder victims were either black or Hispanic, with blacks accounting for more than half. Eighty-seven percent were men, and 64 percent were age 34 or younger.
  • On the day that the Aggies play in the Cotton Bowl, former A&M, Alabama, and TCU coach Dennis Franchione gets the head coaching job at Texas State (which will always be Southwest Texas State to me.)  Man, what a drop. 
  • The goofy talk show host on KLIF this morning thought it was "fantastic" that the Birther yelled from the House gallery yesterday. 
  • Local officials now want to contest a strip club's liquor license even though they knew the club was being built near the south exit of DFW Airport for a couple of years? Good write up about it including the complaint letter here
  • There was a seven year old who was killed while getting off a bus in Kaufman County yesterday. Stop! Man, I get really nervous when I see kids get off school buses. 
  • Mark Davis this morning: "If you see someone with a flag lapel pin, don't you know what political persuasion they are?" Yep.