Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Fiddler on the Roof ended up on my TV last night --- I didn't know the guy from Starsky and Hutch was in it. 
  • "After 25 years, it's nice to know." -- The leading mother and father acknowledging that they love each other after all those years. You know, I almost teared up.
  • Did I entertain kids and friends by pretending the Family Pup was singing "If I Were A Rich Pup"? Guilty. 
  • The Dallas DA wants the legislature to require all confessions be videotaped. Just when I don't like the guy he redeems himself. 
  • When I posted the silly Mavs video below, I was fearful as to how many people knew what "rick rolled" meant. 
  • North or South out of San Fran? You guys have me confused so I bought a travel book. 
  • For an audience that goes crazy against full body scans at airports, you guys sure didn't care much about checkpoints.
  • The bagofnothing.com guy posted a funny video of a guy falling off a roof. 
  • Boy, the NFL Network guys sure did think it was funny when Patriot Danny Woodhead's name was mispronounced. 
  • Had an out of town lawyer ask me yesterday if someone in the courthouse was crazy.
  • Flashback:  There was a S\ports Illustrated cover in August that told us the Evil Empire had the capability to win it all. 
  • Pretty shocking story in the Update today. I'm surprised that doesn't happen on Facebook all the time. Maybe it does.
  • We might already have the mugshot of the year.
  • A lot of those condos in the converted Montgomery Ward on 7th Street in Fort Worth are in trouble -- 144 of the unsold ones are going to foreclosure. (And the holder of the note is the same guy that bought the Lake Bridgeport property from the Boys Scouts for development. I wonder how that is going?)
  • I'm now a Capricorn. You?