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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was an obituary for a 16 year old boy from Bridgeport yesterday and today in the Update. Any one know what happened?
  • The 2nd Grader in The House To Me: "You know the best thing about Christmas? All these presents are free!"
  • I'm always suspicious that gas shooting up to $3.00 and beyond is just the oil companies screwing us for a few months before they come down again.
  • The Bridgeport Index put the story of the death of Josh Wood on the front page. I don't think it was in the Messenger other than by an obituary.
  • My cold/sinuses/whatever have bugged me for a week. It's just enough to be a major irritation.
  • Remember Adam James - the player on Texas Tech whose daddy, Craig, got Mike Leach fired? Well, he stayed on the team and contributed to the 2010 season by catching 2 passes for 26 yards and 0 touchdowns.
  • And I continue to think Leach may not be hireable. Not because he's not a great coach, but because every school is scared he'll sue them if things go downhill.  As someone said, "He doesn't have a coaching problem, he has a Human Resources problem."
  • Saw most of Couples Retreat the other day.  Formalistic and forced.
  • I'm staying home on New Year's Eve and have no problem with that.
  • Finally finished up the documentary about SMU Football: Pony Excess. Fantastic. And I had forgotten how involved (and dirty) former Gov. Bill Clements was. (Speaking of Clements, check out the article in this month's Texas Monthly, p. 66 about the murder of Clements' son who was found buried on the property of a crazy neighbor this year.)
  • Jarhead mentioned how he went to a contemporary Christmas church service last weekend and astutely pointed out that he saw a lot of "trendy young people with $200 jeans and leather jackets."  Also during this Christmas season, eight homeless people died in an abandoned building last night in New Orleans due to a fire.
  • Air Force started its bowl game last night in Shreveport by releasing a trained falcon to fly across the stadium to its handler. It decided to go downtown instead and flew out of the stadium
  • Did Miles Austin really trade jerseys with Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald on the field after last Saturday's game? Really? I've said for the last 10 years: I quit caring about the NFL when it dawned on me I cared more than the players did.