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And Another


This comes on the heels of another Fort Worth officer arrested for DWI on December 23rd, and the Fort Worth officer that was convicted this year for Intoxication Manslaughter for an offense in December, 2009. (And there was this one in 2008.)

And I think I'm forgetting about another.

The wheels are off the Fort Worth PD.


Anonymous said...

Well, that is a sad state of affairs. Policeman should be lawful at all times. Otherwise, they should not be a policeman.
they are human, but should know better than any of us that breaking the law has terrible effects on everyone.

Anonymous said...

The "wheels are off" only because each case makes news. 4 bad apples. There are 1,500+ police officers in FW. Wheels on. The 127 sex offenders residing in Wise County don't each make the news. If they did, there would be a report like this every third day; and the rest of the world would think Wise County should basically be shut down and all kids evacuated.

Anonymous said...

I know Bobby....guess where I met him??

Anonymous said...

ummm a bar?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, wise county?