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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Brett Favre's silly $50,000 fine in the Jenn Sterger case for "not cooperating" amounts to 3 minutes of football based upon his pro-rated salary. And that was a convenient way for the NFL to punish him without finding him guilty of sexting. 
  • Funny line from Dale Hansen in the Pony Excess documentary: "Some parents say they don't believe in corporeal punishment. Yeah, well, that's why you got a mouthy kid."
  • News today of some hospitals considering the banning of video in the delivery room due to the potential documentation of malpractice. I've always wondered why they have allowed it. 
  • Monkey Bread is pretty good. 
  • I wonder if Dick Clark will struggle through New Year's Eve again?
  • I like the NYE scene in When Harry Met Sally where Billy Crystal is running through New York to get to Meg Ryan. 
  • That Baylor game didn't go to well -- but a slow start and three turnovers will do that to you. And that running back I was worried about? 181 yards and three TDs. Once again, I'm a sports genius. 
  • [Only for people that watched the game: The official box score has Baylor with two turnovers. But there were three, right?: The backwards pass on the first drive, the screwed up hand-off between Griffin and Finley, and then Griffin dropping the ball when he tried to scramble.]
  • My sinus problem continues but is almost gone. Then just when I think that, it fires back up again.
  • I won't use a shopping cart with a jacked up wheel.
  • There was an "expert" lawyer on WBAP talking about "the cost of DWI" and, after saying his firm doesn't handle DWI cases, said that the average legal fee for defense is "$10,000 on the low end and $25,000" on the high end. I promise you, everyone of my lawyer friends just spit out their coffee. 
  • That double murder/single suicide that cost the life of the young Arlington officer got more horrific yesterday: There was an 11 year old girl in the apartment. 
  • I saw that an Assistant DA was indicted yesterday in Collin County for Tampering With A Governmental Record. If you've been following the situation over there, it is easy to conclude that one of the most conservative counties in Texas is being run by a bunch of nuts. 
  • Troy Aikman uttered the words "Tired Head" while doing his broadcast gig for the NFL on Sunday. 
  • I've never Skyped, but that's not surprising since I never talk on the phone.