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OK, One Word

Ok, you hardcore followers (who I love as much as I love myself) are aware of the current situation between AnObiter and MzChief. Or maybe not.

I've kept out this (and will continue to keep out of it), but I'm getting killed with comments so I at least wanted to acknowledge the situation.

Currently, AnObiter's "High Tone Blog"* (over there on the side) responds to the situation and, I might add, has posted a photo which will lead you to MzChief's creation that explains how all of this got started. MzChief has that same link on her profile.

I've got my opinion on this whole scene but you'll never see them here. I'm out. No comments will be allowed here and, as far as I'm concerned, "let us never speak of this again." And if either one of the two want me to take this down, I will.
* The "high tone" reference is mine and mine alone. It is a running joke that I've had with her for years.

Edit: AnObiter late this afternoon moved her blog to Invite Mode Only.  It's over. Don't comment dogging either one of them --- I'm out of this.