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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Preparing for Christmas may be better than the actual Christmas. And I mean that in a positive way. 
  • Saw a bunch of articles predicting an "Android smart phone explosion" this year as prices will fall below $100. I bet that's right.  What Microsoft was to Apple in the computer world is equal to what Google will be to Apple in the area of mobile phone computing. 
  • My crazy dreams were so strong last night that they continued through two hits of the snooze alarm. (And, once again, they had to do with missing school and work.) 
  • I have this vague memory of my mom making me "snow ice cream" when it actually snowed. 
  • Hugh Hefner, 84, is getting married again. Attaboy. 
  • I got a Roku for Christmas that allows you to stream Netflix movies (and other content) directly to your TV over a wireless connection. I'll be dang if the thing doesn't work like a charm. 
  • I'm gonna kill the Family Cat.
  • If you search for "twitpic" and "snow" on Twitter this morning (here), you can get some fascinating photos because of the snow storm in the Northeast. (Scroll down from the "Top Tweets.")
  • One television weatherman referred to the storm as a "Burr-icane." Kinda funny. 
  • Hey, you old guys, remember Tina Marie who sang "Lovergirl"? Well, she's dead
  • Hey, Baylor fans, Mike Singletary got fired last night as coach of the 49ers with one game to go.
  • Our household took in (for a night), a little bitty relative last night. I forgot to ask how old she is, but she can barely talk and kind of toddles while she walks. And then she woke up in the middle of the night with a loud cry which made me, Mrs. LL, the dog, and the cat all sit up in our bed and look towards the sound in the middle of the night. That would have been a funny picture.
  • Have no idea why the cat was on our covers.
  • Mrs. LL made me watch The Notebook on Christmas Eve. I understand why chicks love that movie - it was very moving - but I thought the last scene was a little over the top and unnecessary to prove its point. 
  • The staff of WBAP was going down a list of people that had their "15 Minutes of Fame" this year and not a single one of them knew who Antoine Dodson was. 
  • A Hurst lawmaker has filed a bill which would allow for deferred adjudication for first time DWI cases. That's a type of probation that allows for there to be no conviction if the probation is successfully completed. That would be a welcomed change but for the provision that says a second arrest could be filed as a DWI-Second (with enhanced penalties) even if the first arrest led to a successful deferred probation. 
  • Everyone says good things about The Fighter. And to a lesser extent, True Grit.
  • I was always suspicious of former Evil Empire player Sergio Kindle who fell down a flight of stairs three days before his first pro camp and ended up missing this season. (And maybe more.) Coach Mack Brown suggested narcolepsy may have caused the fall which made me cock an eyebrow since at UT he had been suspended for a DWI charge. I mention all this because he got arrested for DWI again over the weekend. Are you trying to throw your career away?
  • Fill in female host on Fox and Friends this morning: "There's nothing like a big blizzard to renew the debate of Global Warming." Really? I mean really?