Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you know there was a thing called a "marshmallow gun" for kids? Boy, after last night, I do.
  • Wow: Last night a domestic disturbance in Arlington leaves three dead, one of whom was a female police officer who responded to the initial call.
  • Edit: Cop's ID now released.
  • As dangerous as a domestic disturbance calls can be, I'm not sure I recall a cop being killed responding to one.
  • Baylor plays in a bowl game late this afternoon against Illinois. The only thing I've read is that Illinois has the Big 10's best running back and the only thing I know is that Baylor's defense can't stop the run. I don't have a good feeling about this. At all. 
  • Former Cowboy Randy White sure does promote a lot of crap. 
  • I worked on a appellate brief all day yesterday -- I could do that all the time.
  • Years ago I was doing an oral argument in front of the Fort Worth Court of Appeals when Justice Dauphinot suddenly interrupted me and tersely asked, "Who wrote this brief?" I paused and meekly said, "I did." She paused, too, before saying, "Thank you. It will be very helpful." She was just screwing with me.
  • "Hey, baby, let's say we engage in a little fantasy role play with this gun and ............OH, NO!!!!"
  • Someone in the office just walked in and told me she brought some "monkey bread." I said, "Great!" (Hey, what the heck is "monkey bread"?)
  • I heard there will be a bunch of Bridgeport women in the crowd today outside of the studios of Good Morning America. 
  • The state prosecutor organization, TDCAA, provides all the forms a prosecutor needs to create a Vampire Weekend program -- including press releases and "talking points".  Hello, big brother.
  • Lots of New Yorkers are whining about the condition of the streets and the airports after the snowstorm. Hey, goofballs: You have a record snowfall on Sunday night and you want everything back to normal by Tuesday?  
  • And I heard there was a New Jersey mayor going out and digging cars out and "delivering diapers" while tweeting about it all the while. That's a shameless political stunt that the Fox and Friends crew fell for this morning as they described him as having a "defining moment of leadership." Puhleeeze.