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Fox 4 Has Lost Its Mind (Edit: Or Maybe Its Readers Have)

Today their web site lists the Top 10 Local Stories of the year here.

10. Trooper Charged for Excessive Force [for slamming girl into tollway wall]
9. Shots Fired outside McKinney Police Department 
8. Southwest Kicks Thin Woman off Flight 
7. Texas Stadium Implosion 
6. State Fair Discounts 
5. Tollway Crash Video Released 
4. School Suspends Boy for Bloodshot Eyes 
3. Finger in Butt Crack Sparks Knife Fight 
2. UT Campus Shooting 
1. Towne East Mall Shoppers Maced at Chaotic Sneaker Sale 

All right, #6 borders on the bizarre and #3 has to be there for Jerry Springer shock value only, but are they serious?

Help me out here. What are they missing? Things that come to mind:

  • The Dallas PD Chief's son who murdered the guy in Lancaster
  • The Texas Rangers midnight auction
  • The Rangers in World Series
  • The convictions of Dallas City Council members for some kind of federal wrongdoing
  • Coppell mayor suicide and her bizarre living-in-denial life
  • Record snowstorm in February
Edit: The site now (?) says it was based on what stories generated the most traffic. Even with that standard, it doesn't make sense (although it would somewhat explain the State Fair coupon story.)  How does the Coppell mayor story not make the list? If the people want salaciousness, that was salacious.