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"Don't Take My Kodachrome Away" - Paul Simon (1973)

The above  headline made a Paul Simon song from 1973 get stuck in my head. After all these years, it has finally been taken away.


The Donald said...

I used to shoot Plus-X and Tri-X black-and-white films in an AGFA SLR, and Kodachrome in a Nikon F.

Back then, I processed, in junior-high school, the Plus-X in a home darkroom. You could buy the chemicals and paper supplies at Leonard's in Plymouth Park (Irving).

As Chicago says/sings: Old Days.

Goober said...

There was a great story on lasts "CBS Sunday Morning" on the last place in the US to develope Kodachrome. It was somewhere in Nebraska(I think?) at a mom and pop drug store. Seems the chemicals to develope are no longer being produced, the owner was retiring, and the new owner, maybe the son of the owner(?) would be removing the machines.