Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The U. of Florida football job is open again, and former Tech coach Mike Leach has already said he's interested in it. Not a chance.
  • I bought the wrong type of outdoor Christmas lights last night ("cool white?") and ended up tricking up the game room with them. It was a high point when the result got a "Cool!!!" out of the 7th Grader.
  • It now glows like a dance club. I almost broke out the new "Weekend at Bernie's Dance."
  • The House passed the Dream Act (referenced below) last night. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin. 
  • Not sure why the Family Pup had a toboggan on last night. Or why someone had him do a paw-to-chest-throw-a-gang-sign move. But it was funny.
  • The trooper that slammed the woman's face into the concrete wall along the Dallas North Tollway is already on trial. Unfortunately, it's just for misdemeanor assault.
  • The Morning News has a story this morning on a 38 year old that has held a Justice of the Peace job in Collin County since he was 18: But what caught my eye was that he 5'9" and 525 lbs. The guy might want to think about getting a thumb stomach. 
  • TCU coach Gary Patterson has a weekly show on WBAP. No. Personality. At. All. 
  • Drives me insane: The FBI, again, has coaxed a dumb kid into trying to set off a fake bomb and then proclaims another victory on the War of Terror. And what fine investigative work made them single him out?: His postings on Facebook.  Sheesh. And the kid was so skilled in terrorism, his idea was to "stuff a sock or something" into a car's tailpipe to get it to blow up. 
  • If the FBI spent as much time trying to coax white supremacists into, say, trying to blow up an African American church, they would have equal, or greater, results. 
  • The Ticket mentioned yesterday that Mark David Chapman was photographed with John Lennon hours before he killed him. I don't think I had ever heard of that before. (Noticed the bagofnothing.com guy has the same observation.)
  • Is it ghoulish to want to go by The Dakota, the scene of Lennon's murder, the next time I'm in NYC?
  • Texas law enforcement seized 36,280 pot plants in 2008, 62,000 in 2009, and 83,000 in 2010. They tell us that's proof the War on Drugs is working. Nope. It's crystal clear proof that you're losing. 
  • Cliff Lee talk: When some team offers him a six or seven year contract, they don't expect him to pitch for six or seven years. At his age, they are hoping for five years of production but are doing the equivalent of financing a big five year contract over six or seven years. No one seems to understand that.