Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a boy on a Mesquite high school drill team? (Photos.)
  • The national Fox News, as predicted, jumped on the Southlake Chase Bank Christmas Tree Scandal this weekend. (Which really wasn't a scandal at all.). But did you see the hairstylist who donated it? For the life of  me I couldn't determine what sex he/she was. 
  • Introduced the Family Unit to Kincaid Hamburgers over the weekend (Did you know there's one in the new shopping center at I35 and Heritage Trace?)  Verdict: They loved them. 
  • The Star-Telegram had a retrospect on Amon Carter Stadium yesterday and highlighted a "low point" when only 11,400 showed up to see the final game  of a winless season against Baylor. I was there as a high school student and remember looking at the empty stadium like it was the Roman Coliseum: In some ancient time, this used to be a big deal. 
  • I'll do a separate post on the White Rock Half Marathon, but I'm sad to report that Barron Green beat me by five minutes. This epic saga continues. 
  • But I'll mention I stood by former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller for the national anthem. Two observations: (1) She talked the whole way through it, and (2) She's pretty hot. 
  • Contagious yawning is still a bizarre concept.
  • President Obama released his first pardons, and its a weird list of old crimes. 
  • Tap the brakes on the Cowboys. Yesterday just proved that Peyton Manning is cable of giving you the game if he tries hard enough. 
  • Oregon opened up at a three favorite against Auburn in the National Championship game? No way. (And I haven't seen a line on the Wisconsin/TCU Rose Bowl game but I bet Wisconsin is favored. Oh, and there was a brawl outside of the Rose Bowl this weekend. ) 
  • Beautiful Christmas decorations at places we always forget to visit: Nice hotel lobbies. 
  • Mega church pastor Joel Olsteen was on Fox and Friends with his wife this morning discussing the "war on Christmas". Oh, yeah. At the end of the segment he promoted his new book and his book signing today in New York City.
  • And if that wasn't enough, I saw an SUV driving like an impatient nut this morning only to find out it had a "Keep Christ In Christmas" bumper sticker. 
  • Norah Jones and Willie Nelson teamed up to sing "Its Cold Outside"? Not bad