Miley Cyrus Takes Bong Hit Of A Legal Substance. America Refuses To Just Shrug.

This video was showing up all over the place this morning, but I blew it off when I first saw it. Then WBAP mentioned it on its top of the hour news so this may be on CNN and FOX already.

Apparently she is smoking something called "salvia" which is some legal herb in California. Obviously, we'd ban it in Texas quicker than you can say "K2" because we don't need some pseudo California hippy weed infiltrating the Bible Belt.

And, I'll be honest, I didn't even make it halfway through the video. The moment Miley starts giggling and amazingly proving she can be even more annoying that she already is, I was out.

Edit: Dang YouTube pulled it!  Probably because TMZ is claiming the copyright and has the video posted here.