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I Love This Gal

I was watching SEC Championship Game when this Dr. Pepper competition came on. I love this stuff.

But as soon as the chick threw the first pass, I yelled at Mrs. LL, "She's doing a two handed chest pass!!" Mrs. LL had a huge question mark form over her head because she wasn't watching but quickly locked in and fired off a "Go little girl!!!!!!"

The winner's reaction was fantastic. I think she won $125,000 in college scholarships or something. No biggee.

I would like to have been there during her prep when it dawned on her (or someone with her) that she doesn't necessarily have to throw a football like a football. A couple of chest passes just for grins, and they had to have thought, "This plan is so crazy that it just might work."


Anonymous said...

I'd call $125,000 in college scholarships a 'biggie'.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ingenious. Reminded me of Texas girls high school basketball from the 60s and 70s. Three people for each team on each half-court and two-handed chest passes at mid-court. Liked it better than today's product.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Hey, if she had experience playing basketball, that was the right thing to do! Go with what you know!

Anonymous said...

She should have let Dandy Don throw for her.

DF Hank Hill

Anonymous said...

We can't institute a major college football playoff system because it would add a couple weeks to an already long and apparently academically stressful season. And yet, we now have a championship game on January 10. Used to be bowl games wrapped up January 1. We've almost added the two weeks that we can't add because it makes the season too long. And yet, no playoff.