Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Looked like a crazy crash on Southbound 287 south of Decatur last night. I saw two troopers this morning looking at skid marks that appeared to show a car running off the highway and slamming head on into the concrete wall that makes up the side of the bridge of FM 407. 
  • Elizabeth Edwards, still wife of disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards, has stopped her cancer treatment and essentially posted a "good-bye" message on Facebook yesterday. If the great book Game Change was truthful, they had an incredibly dysfunctional relationship. But I'd hate to see the evil glances he's going to get at the funeral from her side of the family.
  • Those Lexus Christmas commercials make me feel like I belong in the poor house.
  • Someone once told me there was an actual "poor house" in Decatur at one time.
  • Promised the missus that I'd take her to see the movie "Burlesque".  Does she not realize that Christina is starring in it? I'd make her take me if she hadn't said anything.
  • The Family Cat has now discovered Christmas tree ornaments. And now a water bottle spray right between the eyes hardly phases her.  She's becoming the Terminator Cat.
  • It's Pearl Harbor Day. My one visit to Washington DC led me to the National Archives where they were displaying the draft of FDR's speech showing that he had written in "infamy" over the original phrase "a day that will live in world history."
  • TCU is actually a 2 1/2 point favorite over Wisconsin. Not so sure I'd bet on that. 
  • Inappropriate wedding reception.
  • There's a weird "hearing" on the constitutionality of the Texas death penalty in Houston going on.  The DA's office down there even refused to participate in it claiming that since the defendant hasn't even received the death penalty, how can he challenge it?  Prediction: I think the judge is predisposed to find it unconstitutional, will do so, and then will be reversed on appeal if he refuses to allow the jury to deliberate on life or death if the guy is found guilty. 
  • My Newsweek at home and Time at the office used to be on an automatic renewal. Now that's suddenly stopped. I wonder if that has anything to do with the sweeping credit card changes that went into effect a while back?
  • Went back and watched Sunday's Dale Hansen's Sports Special and it was weird he had Walt Garrison on talking quite a bit about Don Meredith. Presumably neither one of them knew he had died about four hours earlier but, oddly, Garrison (a close friend of Meredith's) at one point referred to him in the past tense with, "He was a funny guy."
  • Any of you married guys feel like your going to die when the wife drives? Just checking. 
  • Just overheard in the office: "I don't want anyone looking at me when I'm dead." 
  • The Wikileaks founder was arrested this morning in England on sex charges out of Sweden, but those charges are strange. The legal consultant on Fox and Friends this morning said that the "crime" was consensual, that the media referring to them as "rape" charges was inaccurate,  and they were not recognized as a crime in England so they might not extradite. 
  • And the story of the Chinese scientist dressing up as a panda in order to calm a baby panda was pretty funny: