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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a divorce going on in Dallas where the wife wants $15 20 billion and the guy actually has that much. Edit: Oops. Poor guy only has $5 billion.  I bet he regrets getting younger at that position.
  • I'm not sure what the hype is about the new TRON movie which is based on a horrible video game (I'd put a quarter in and watch a motorcycle run into a line within 15 seconds) as well as a previous bomb of a movie from the 1980s.
  • Family picture time was last night with a remote controlled camera. That was a very Modern Family wheels off experience. ("When's this going to happen?" I asked. "In about 15 minutes," came the reply. My new internal married clock told me that would be slightly over an hour. I was right.) 
  • Regarding my opinion of the silliness of the FBI tricking dumb-terrorist-wannabees:  Geraldo Rivera said the same thing on Fox & Friends this morning. (Side note about another contributor to the program: When did Stuart Varney turn into fear-mongering hack?)
  • Texas DPS inducted 37 new troopers yesterday. They walked into the ceremony chanting, "A trooper's life is made for me." Really?
  • And the keynote speaker actually said, ""It's significant that when Chuck Norris dreams of what he would be, he dreams that he would be a member of the DPS. That says something." Really?
  • The Wise County guy on trial for dope got 12 years. And all across the state this evening prosecutors will ingest a fluid into their body to alter their mental state at a thing called "happy hour."  
  • For most of my life, I wouldn't acknowledge Christmas until a week before it happened in order to avoid Christmas Burnout.  That might have been a mistake. 
  • Some company called Groupon was approached by Google with an offer to be purchased for $6 billion. They turned Google down. Mark Cuban would have told them to take "stupid money."
  • The Mavericks will lose in the first of second round of the playoffs -- I don't care if they win 50 games straight. (And, man,  I despise their coach.) 
  • Neve Campbell looking hot.
  • I was watching part of a documentary on World War II last night (on the bombing or Britain.) I perceived myself as an inquisitive guy trying to learn something. I suppose the kids in the house perceived me as an old guy watching a boring war show.
  • Story regarding this headline:


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... finally....your typical DFW sports beat down.... it's been a while since we've had one of those.

Rangers season is only about 4 months away too...

Anonymous said...

Really? "A trooper's life is made for me." yeah I wanna to be a ticket writer when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

I remember being unimpressed with the original TRON movie as well. But it seems to have aged well. Its use of computer-generated animation was groundbreaking, and it's hailed, now, as a precourser of "things-to-come" - from a movie production standpoing. ... And for what it's worth, the movie was better than the game.

My recollection is that the acting in the original movie struck me as peculiarly flat. But for whatever reason, the movie has had "legs" (as they say in the industry).

Sometimes movies that die at the original box office just somehow live on. Remember, Rocky Horror originally bombed ... was in fact laughed out of some theaters.

Not that I'm making comparisons...

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm....12 years. Why does that sound so familiar?

Oh dear...what is it with you men and war stories? That's all my hubby watches too.

I will be shocked if the "female looking" boyfriend of Silvie Cachay didn't kill her.

Uhhh....did you notice the article on the same page that says....

"James Franco Talks Being Turned On By Rabbits, Watching Male Hookers Have a Threesome"

There’s no way I’m clicking on that!

Anonymous said...

Freshman troopers=knuckleheads.

Geraldo is wrong too.

The Secret Police

wordkyle said...

Tron as a movie (either version): Dreck.
Tron as a video game: Wonderful. (As were Berzerk and Joust. I have a grudge against Missile Command since breaking a finger on a trackball during a particularly vigorous session.)

Anonymous said...

Different breed of trooper today. Don't know if that is good or bad.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Divorce case:
the story says the guy is worth $6 bil and she's asking for 15 + another $5 bil, even thought they have prenups. She wants three times what he's currently worth? That's divorce math for ya!
Regardless of the worth of the husband, how can she justify trying to extort that much money? Let's say she was very supportive and raised their four kids. (and be honest - super rich folks don't raise their own kids, they pay others to do it) There's no way she deserves that much unless she was actively involved in the operation of his business. She should be ecstatic if she gets $15 MILLION, and gets her a$$ thrown on the street

Not sure what you're trying to say with the FBI/Geraldo statement - it's like you're bragging "I must be right about this, cuz that hack news wh0re believes the same thing I do."

I'm not saying Chuck Norris actually dreamed of being a trooper, but if he did, would that be such a bad thing? To aspire to be a member of one of the most highly regarded law enforcement agencies in the country?

Disclaimer: no drugs or alcohol we're (sic) involved during the writing of this comment
If the guy that got 12 years had altered his mental state at happy hour instead of dealing in illegal substances, he wouldn't be looking at 12 years. If the prosecutors switch from liquid to some other form of "happy" hour, they might join him in the "joint"
Let's recap:
booze - legal (unless you're driving or overindulging)
drugs - still illegal regardless of what you're doing

Neve Campbell has always been a hottie, and probably always will be. But not a fan of the disappointment that is "is it flesh or just flesh-colored material under the lace?"

If the kid units perceive you as the old guy in the house, then I suggest you embrace your inner old guy, no matter how young you feel. Trying to make yourself over will only make you look lame for trying. Once they get over the hump of teen self-consciousness, they'll understand

Anonymous said...

Troopers=bullies only a step above those who work for county sheriff. Hey, mom...when I grow up I want to be a bully and act all tough and write tickets!

Prosecuters=scummy hypocrits. It's ok for them to booze it up, but by God, better prosecute those who get caught driving as long as they're not the one being caught!

War movies: boring....just don't get it.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Mavericks? NBA? Huh?

If you want to understand some of the Tron hype, goto and search TRON. It was a little past your time, but lots of young kids dug it, coming in a time during the Good Star Wars Films and non-box-office hits but fun to watch on HBO or RENT A VHS films like The Black Hole, Tron, MegaForce, etc.

The last 30 for 30 comes on Saturday Night at 9pm I believe. Its called Pony Excess... about SMU and the death penalty. These shows by ESPN have typically been greatness.

Anonymous said...

Any one heard who it was that fell off the catwalk at a crusher in Chico yesterday? He was careflighted and is still in hospital, but no one is saying how he is or who he is.

wordkyle said...

Regarding your observation on the dope sentence and prosecutors -- You're blending (or confusing) what's legal with what's moral. Is that something that a lawyer really wants to get into?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people under age 40 have never even seen the original Tron....yet Disney hasn't released this film on DVD recently so younger audiences can see it (although there is is 2001 edition DVD that is long since out of print...and selling for $150 on E-bay).

I can't even find this movie on Netflix or at a Blockbuster.

The new Tron movie will suffer at the box office because of Disney's lousy marketing decision.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, real ones for a change.

Anonymous said...

Gawd just think,her boobs are just laying there rotting now.

Jack Daniels said...


CF said...

I the Mav's lose out this year, it's the Messican's fault!!! Send 'em all back!!!!

Anonymous said...

10:20 I concur.

Anonymous said...

Bet Geraldo both owns and is intimidated by a cat.

Arthur said...

That cat's a seal point. You're effed. What's the deal with people insisting on dogs wearing clothes? That pup's a Yorkie. Hasn't she suffered enough indignity?

Neve Campbell = Top shelf Canadian import. Yay, NAFTA!

WWII docs are not boring. Can Ken Burns mix in a WWI doc? That would be worthy.

Your Friday morning pic was well-played, sir.

Anonymous said...

As I was watching the Mavericks last night I was thinking it was about time for your prediction that they will bow out in the first or second round, and unfortunately you have been right the last several years Ericka Dampier, Roddy is coming soon, they ran into the Spurs last year which is always a coin flip....dammnit they suck me in every year!