Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a divorce going on in Dallas where the wife wants $15 20 billion and the guy actually has that much. Edit: Oops. Poor guy only has $5 billion.  I bet he regrets getting younger at that position.
  • I'm not sure what the hype is about the new TRON movie which is based on a horrible video game (I'd put a quarter in and watch a motorcycle run into a line within 15 seconds) as well as a previous bomb of a movie from the 1980s.
  • Family picture time was last night with a remote controlled camera. That was a very Modern Family wheels off experience. ("When's this going to happen?" I asked. "In about 15 minutes," came the reply. My new internal married clock told me that would be slightly over an hour. I was right.) 
  • Regarding my opinion of the silliness of the FBI tricking dumb-terrorist-wannabees:  Geraldo Rivera said the same thing on Fox & Friends this morning. (Side note about another contributor to the program: When did Stuart Varney turn into fear-mongering hack?)
  • Texas DPS inducted 37 new troopers yesterday. They walked into the ceremony chanting, "A trooper's life is made for me." Really?
  • And the keynote speaker actually said, ""It's significant that when Chuck Norris dreams of what he would be, he dreams that he would be a member of the DPS. That says something." Really?
  • The Wise County guy on trial for dope got 12 years. And all across the state this evening prosecutors will ingest a fluid into their body to alter their mental state at a thing called "happy hour."  
  • For most of my life, I wouldn't acknowledge Christmas until a week before it happened in order to avoid Christmas Burnout.  That might have been a mistake. 
  • Some company called Groupon was approached by Google with an offer to be purchased for $6 billion. They turned Google down. Mark Cuban would have told them to take "stupid money."
  • The Mavericks will lose in the first of second round of the playoffs -- I don't care if they win 50 games straight. (And, man,  I despise their coach.) 
  • Neve Campbell looking hot.
  • I was watching part of a documentary on World War II last night (on the bombing or Britain.) I perceived myself as an inquisitive guy trying to learn something. I suppose the kids in the house perceived me as an old guy watching a boring war show.
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