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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Today is the biggest day in Ranger baseball history. Failure? (And to reminisce, here's a pic of the old stadium scoreboard for the now gone Arlington Stadium.)
  • Man, there was a missing kid in my neighborhood yesterday evening that brought out the cops and people searching everywhere. What was odd was that he was always on his little scooter and there it sat in his open garage. Everything turned out fine (he went to a new friends house without telling), but for thirty minutes the overwhelming feeling of everyone was "there is something very horrible that has happened here." I was shook up all evening
  • Police ambush in Mexico. 8 dead. It has turned into Columbia. 
  • Former Empire great Colt McCoy, because everyone else is injured, should make his first start this Sunday. Unfortunately, it's against Pittsburgh. That's a sports "something very horrible will happen" feeling. 
  • The link wouldn't be safe for work, but Kim Kardashian photos came out of her recent photo shoot for W Magazine. Oh, my. Cue Sir-Mix-A-Lot.
  • The Rangers are cutting loose TV play by play man Josh Lewin. I thought he was great. And isn't it the weirdest timing to announce that yesterday? (Note: WBAP's Steve Lamb at 7:43 a.m. this morning said he "was just handed this note from the Texas Rangers" about this news. Sheesh. The news came out yesterday afternoon.)
  • Holy, cow: A collection of Fiona "Hey, Nows!"
  • Fox 4 spent a full 10 minutes last night leading with the North Dallas High transgendered homecoming queen wannabe story including a live interview. Puuhhlleeeze. 
  • Deborah Foreman, who was the cutest thing in the history of ever in Valley Girl and My Chauffeur turns 48 today. 
  • Colleyville Heritage High School girls will go without make-up on Tuesdays. This uprising must be stopped before it grows!
  • This church is straight out of the Blues Brothers.
  • If you've ever been to City Streets night club in downtown Fort Worth, you soon won't recognize it.


Anonymous said...

Wow - the church with the dancing?...........they have to be Methodist - Baptists would never do that!

Hey, I'd like to see little round tables instead of pews, costumed ushers and the preacher entering from the roof in a swing.

If we are gonna go nightclub, lets do it up right.

Wanna bet some of that is upcoming?

Exciting services are lots of work.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Mexico has become the Ivy League university in New York? That's some breaking news there.

The girls-without-makeup story ran in the Star-Telegram last week. I referenced it when you ran the make-upless Britney pic. Try to keep up, Green!

Josh Lewin leaving the Rangers' broadcast booth is bumming me out. He was great! And his greatness is magnified by the lameness of the announcers calling the Rangers' games for the playoffs. They are wearing me out! So repetitive - it's like they have a script in front of them, because they keep saying the exact same little factoids. And they won't shut up. Baseball announcing is supposed to be about lulls when nothing meaningful is happening on the field. You don't need to fill every little bit of airspace with your annoying voice. I'm looking in your direction, Buck Martinez!

Anonymous said...

"Have you seen the light? Can you see the light?"

Triple Fake Rev. Cleophus James

Anonymous said...

Does Theona have more than one expression?

Anonymous said...

The more "mankind" determines what is acceptable in religion..... the scarier religion becomes!

Read your Bible, folks. Believing is quite simple, indeed. We don't need all the entertainment and showy put on's to bring people in to church. Just preach the word in a dignified fashion, please.

Anonymous said...


I still don't think he understands that he spelled Colombia incorrectly.

guinjames said...

Fiona must think her right side is her "good side".

Anonymous said...

What's with all the beheadings in Mexico? Are they drug lords or Mulsims posing as drug lords?

Fiona- Nice, but did you notice she has the same pose and is facing teh same direction in all of them?

"Orange Whip? Orange Whip? 3 Orange Whips..."

Arthur said...

Lots of people get their "Columbia" mixed up with their "Colombia." To help keep it sorted out in your brain, BG, remember you always want to give Shakira and/or Sofia Vergara the O because they're both Colombian. Juvenile? Sure. I admit I'm an idiot who doesn't always carry around his AP Stylebook or Strunk & White.

mzchief said...

* Years ago, I was with a friend who "lost" her 3-yr old daughter in Dillards. I have never felt so panicked in my life. I will never forget the sick feeling of dread, remorse and terror that twisted my stomach into knots and made my heart, simultaneously, race and sink. It was only for 35 minutes but it was the most terrifying 35 minutes of my life and I could not show a shred of emotion because my friend was hysterical.

Her daughter had slipped under a round rack and fallen asleep. Dillards was absolutely wonderful about posting security personnel at the exits and having staff quietly search the store.

* Regarding Mexico having turned into Columbia...Does this mean you believe liberals ambush police and cut off heads?...*;)

* That is A LOT of airbrushing on Kim Kardashian.

* It looks like Fiona does not need any more practice for her "picture face." Believe it or not, it has become all the rage for girls to have cultivated and practiced their "picture face" so they "look good in candid pictures."

* I guess the transgender homecoming queen wannabe story was the lead because it was soooooo freakish.

* Talk about shallow. Only in Texas would it be a story that high school girls are going to school without make-up and believe, by doing so, they are making some type of valid statement. Believe it or not, in the mid-west and north-east, most girls do NOT wear make-up to school.

* Churches, since the dawn of religion, have used hocus-pocus and all manner of showmanship to impress the mindless masses.

Anonymous said...

I would rather commune with God at home in the yard with nature than in any church with a bunch of BS, be it "pious" pomp and circumstance or dancing and whooping it up. Either is contrived and doesn't even begin to reflect the true God. It's all just show for the masses or to make you look like you "fit in" in the community so your business will flourish.

Anonymous said...

You hear news stories all the time about the "culture of beauty" and the pressures on girls to fit in and resemble the media image. Add peer pressure to that, and making a decision to not wear makeup in an area where it is the norm, does make it a valid statement

We don't give a F how they do things in the midwest or northeast!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you know all about being shallow.

Anonymous said...

The Kim K link may be NSFW, but you could post it, anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

11:20 -
If you're inferring that I AM shallow, then please explain to which part of the comment you are referring?
Thinking it's a good idea that girls decide to not wear makeup, and in the process feel empowered, is shallow?
That's the antithesis of shallow

Or not caring what other areas of the country think or do?
You can call it insensitive if you want, but it's hardly shallow. And a whole lot of folks around here might not agree with the wording I used, but they do agree with the statement

Anonymous said...

10:43 - good points. Churches "compete" with each other then go about bragging about how "successful" they are.

Some churches these days are more into attracting folks by making everything "comfortable". When will "come as you are" include stepping out of the shower and going into a service draped in a towel?

Hey, I'd go for that one!

Anonymous said...

Modern churches are more into numbers than God. They need money to pull off their shows, extravaganzas, etc., to attract more saps to give more money to put on bigger and better in point Grace Fellowship in Paradise. All that showmanship makes me tired. I'll worship at home alone, thank you.

The Devil said...

I am not suprised by the Rangers decision to part ways with Josh Lewin, I am sure he is a nice guy and all but has no clue about the game. I actually thought he was quite embarrasing to listen to.

He seemed to always interject his own opinion about managerial decisions during the game only to be corrected by Tom Grieve or Steve Busby. You could really sense the tension between him and Tom Grieve throughout this season.

He really just regurgitated obscure stats and general musings but I am sure he appealed to the geek segment of listeners---I am not saying this guy does not have a place in the game, but I just do not think he was the right guy for this market. I respect the opinion of those who liked him, I am just glad to see him go...just one of the things you do when your organization is "growing up" if you will.

The Devil said...

* Talk about shallow. Only in Texas would it be a story that high school girls are going to school without make-up and believe, by doing so, they are making some type of valid statement. Believe it or not, in the mid-west and north-east, most girls do NOT wear make-up to school.

Just another reason I am glad to live in TX. It is obvious by seeing women from the mid-west and north-east (I travel to each on a consistent basis) that the lack of early make-up training is undoubtedly carrying over into adulthood in these geographical areas. I am not saying I think young girls should be all made up all the time, it just appears once mid-westerners/north-easterners get their hands on the stuff they are egregiously behind the curve which is doubly sad since they are not as naturally attractive to begin with in most cases.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, I attended Sunday worship. First, I attended Sunday School for the kids, then the worship service followed. We had a few prayers, announcements, listened to the day's message, prayed again and passed the plate. Sang a benediction then left. NO hocus pocus, no lights flashing, no big screens.... just plain ol fashioned worship with fellow believers and a sermon. I CAN'T FIND ANY CHURCH THAT DOES THAT ANYMORE! So, I quit going. Was nothing wrong with "the basics." God turns hearts....not light shows, performers, etc.
Nothing better than quiet reflection and worship. I will NOT attend any of these crazy
"church shows" that show off local "talent." (?) And I won't apologize for that either. The word REVERENCE should be revisited by most of these crazed places.

Anonymous said...

12:40 - when all the hoopla is over and folks begin to tire of it, many will return to tradition. Fun won't get it when life's realities set in.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree vigorously with the Devil @ 1:31. Regurgitating obscure stats and general musings is what all baseball announcers do.
Josh Lewin put some vitality and personality into it. His pop culture references and quick wit made the games fun to watch.

And saying he "has no clue about the game" is laughable. Anybody that can quote "obscure stats" and namedrop lesser-known players the way he does surely knows the game. I cringe to think that we might get some generic Astros-sounding play-by-play guy. But on the bright side, I will probably catch up on my sleep during the season, because that type of drone announcer is coma-inducing

Anonymous said...

2:08 You are correct. Life requires a true faith, which can be stronger in a quiet and PRIVATE relationship. Group gatherings, sermons, group ministries are not necessary for faith. Those who need that can participate, but many of us out here don't need a group to drum up faith.

Anonymous said...

2:05..I attend a church just like the one you described. No hocus pocus or entertainment needed. There a few left, most ot them small country churches.

The Devil said...

2:49...Surely you cannot be serious? What does pop culture have to do with the finer details of the game? I could care less about what lady Gaga was wearing when I am trying to get some good insight on how a certain pitcher might be used in a situation, or something pertinent to the game. As far as his quick wit goes, I will not deny that he posesses it, just not in a good way...more in the way the you really feel embarresed for him as his jokes continually fall flat and get more and more annoying as the game goes on. It was so bad for me this year I mute the game and watch it that way.

Namedropping lesser-known players does not mean you know the game, it means you know the players in the game. My wife can recite you the entire Dallas Cowboys roster but try and explain intentional grounding and you get the deer in headlights look

Anonymous said...

2:05 - don't give up that church. You have found a fellowship of believers who will stay together without the glitz and glitter.

God can still be found in sweet gentle and quiet fellowship - one without the intrusion of worldly ways to entice folks into the worship experience.

"Entice" works with the ignorant.

CT said...

I am gonna miss the 80's dance place @ City Streets..toooo bad it's gone. Bummer.