Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Today is the biggest day in Ranger baseball history. Failure? (And to reminisce, here's a pic of the old stadium scoreboard for the now gone Arlington Stadium.)
  • Man, there was a missing kid in my neighborhood yesterday evening that brought out the cops and people searching everywhere. What was odd was that he was always on his little scooter and there it sat in his open garage. Everything turned out fine (he went to a new friends house without telling), but for thirty minutes the overwhelming feeling of everyone was "there is something very horrible that has happened here." I was shook up all evening
  • Police ambush in Mexico. 8 dead. It has turned into Columbia. 
  • Former Empire great Colt McCoy, because everyone else is injured, should make his first start this Sunday. Unfortunately, it's against Pittsburgh. That's a sports "something very horrible will happen" feeling. 
  • The link wouldn't be safe for work, but Kim Kardashian photos came out of her recent photo shoot for W Magazine. Oh, my. Cue Sir-Mix-A-Lot.
  • The Rangers are cutting loose TV play by play man Josh Lewin. I thought he was great. And isn't it the weirdest timing to announce that yesterday? (Note: WBAP's Steve Lamb at 7:43 a.m. this morning said he "was just handed this note from the Texas Rangers" about this news. Sheesh. The news came out yesterday afternoon.)
  • Holy, cow: A collection of Fiona "Hey, Nows!"
  • Fox 4 spent a full 10 minutes last night leading with the North Dallas High transgendered homecoming queen wannabe story including a live interview. Puuhhlleeeze. 
  • Deborah Foreman, who was the cutest thing in the history of ever in Valley Girl and My Chauffeur turns 48 today. 
  • Colleyville Heritage High School girls will go without make-up on Tuesdays. This uprising must be stopped before it grows!
  • This church is straight out of the Blues Brothers.
  • If you've ever been to City Streets night club in downtown Fort Worth, you soon won't recognize it.