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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Baseball is fantastic when a game is an elimination game. Every pitch matters. That's what makes college football so great -- every game is like an elimination game.
  • Just as the Rangers were winning, Mrs. LL came running in yelling from off the treadmill. She's a baseball fan? Nope.  "It was Rapunzel! It was Rapunzel!" she said. (It seems like her and the girls couldn't place a character they met at Disney World and a commercial had just triggered her memory.) *Head Shake*
  • The lead Mexican investigator in the border lake shooting case was found beheaded? [Fixed]
  • One last thing about Cliff Lee in this Tampa Bay series: 16 innings, 21 Strikeouts, 0 Walks.
  • Be sure to watch a little of the Chilean miners being rescued this morning. Pretty moving.
  • I'm surprised someone hasn't tracked down Baby Jessica to interview.
  • But back to Chile, at 6:00 a.m. I was wondering how it was daylight on the western side of South American. Then I remembered that below-the-equator-tilted-Earth thing.
  • Tell me this screenshot of the miner coverage is fake.
  • Our new cat is driving me crazy when I sit with the laptop. All he wants to do is set on the keyboard and swat at the screen when it scrolls. 
  • Bridgeport is considering banning K2. Hey, you've got worse problems over there.
  • While you were sleeping: Triple murder in Haltom City (assuming no murder suicide.) Here's Google Streetview of the street -- seems kind of desolate.
  • One story getting little press: Gamestop is a huge DFW employer but a federal court has ruled they basically can't do what they do: Buy and resell video games. (Half Priced Books? Apparently they are OK. I honestly don't understand it since it has something to do with licensing and intellectual property. But it would apply to you reselling Madden '09 at garage sale or Ebay.)
  • Baylor's basketball team is under investigation by the NCAA. It's not been a good couple of weeks down there.
  • Edit: Man, I had a bad linking day.