Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Gov. Perry proposed yesterday that if you weren't a high school graduate or trying to become one, you couldn't get a driver's license. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Let's cripple someone who already is guaranteed to struggle.
  • Then Fox 4 tells me that's the law already. (I've never heard of that, and it must be the least enforced laws in the State.)
  • Obscure humor: You have to be a Ticket Fan who is familiar with the Fake Nolan Ryan to laugh at this (and you will.)
  • After this Rangers season, I hope every abandons this claw and antlers silliness.
  • I've got to drive to Arkansas next weekend. Ugh. Suppressing a "I did not sign up for this!" proclamation. But I guess I kind of did. 
  • Hey old timers: Remember the radio duo Stevens and Pruett who, I think, ruled the DFW  airwaves in the 1980s? Well, Mark Stevens has died. (I think they moved onto Houston after Dallas.)
  • Motorcycle death in Arlington.
  • Drug War death in Plano.
  • Here's a fight in the stands at the FSU/Miami game last weekend if you like that sort of thing.
  • Hmmm. Those last three bullet points contain things that will never go away in America. 
  • Yesterday the federal 5th Circuit upheld a lower court's ruling allowing "under God" to stay in the Texas pledge yesterday. Man, it would have been a firestorm today if it had gone the other way. 
  • I finally mailed off my taxes yesterday (but I had filed for an extension.)
  • A criminal court docket call (I've got one this morning) is always full of at least one person scared to death and another person with a "screw this" attitude. 
  • Either the cat got to my laptop last night or it is possessed since there were about 30 tabs opened up on my Internet browser this morning. Or maybe the cat's possessed. (She also made me fall on the stairs this morning after I lost my balance by stepping on her. That "cat scream" is a universal sound, isn't it?)