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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • India's richest man has built a new home. He's a regular Purebred Billionaire. (rimshot . . . groan).
  • One of the two Baylor players caught with weed (after falling asleep in a Taco Bell drive through) has been kicked off the team. One of them? Yep. Cause he got arrested again for weed. Sheesh. He's worse than Jay and Silent Bob.
  • Should a high tone Dallas restaurant turn away a handful of World War II vets if they want to dine in baseball caps and shorts? I guess the answer is "no" based upon the uproar.
  • I've seen several news stories refer to the Chilean miners as "heros." Uh, no. We throw that term around way too easily.
  • The Bill O'Reilly/The View/Walk Off drama yesterday beat me down. 
  • That pic looks familiar.
  • There's too much stuff on TV that I want to watch. There are too many books that I want to read. There are too many places that I want to see.
  • Good news for Ranger fans: I'm picking the Yankees in 5.
  • Whatever happened to Helen Hunt?
  • There's a 10 minute video of an openly gay Fort Worth city councilman addressing teenagers about bullying and being different. I haven't watched it but it's apparently gone viral. I did click right in the middle of it only to hear him tear up and say, "It will get better." Looked pretty good. 
  • Of all the Yankees I dislike, Mark Teixeira is at the top of the list. I think he's as dumb as a box of rocks.
  • A day in the life of the Internet commenter.
  • Mrs. LL is convinced she can train the family pooch to ring a hanging bell with her nose to alert us that she needs to go do her business. 
  • Blog favorite Christina Aguilera has filed for divorce. Ugh. And right after I get married. 
  • Try solving a 7th grade Algebra problem when you haven't picked up an Algebra book in decades. 
  • Another dumb segment on Fox and Friends this morning: They had some math genius on to suggest ways to trim the $1 trillion federal deficit. After 5 minutes, he had pointed out $7 billion in waste so everyone was patting him on the back like he was Einstein. Uh, what about the other $993 billion?
  • If I still hand my Friday Morning Dance Off I would enter this lady at some church. Wait, what?