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Ticket Personality Might Be In A Little Hot Water

Mike Bacsik is a former Major League pitcher who now is the producer for Norm Hitzges show on The Ticket. He gets his fair share of airtime, however. Last night he seemed to forget that the radio station's sometimes weird and shocking sense of humor might not be understood by the masses. (It's a reference to the San Antonio/Dallas game.)
He has since deleted the post (and a few others) from his Twitter feed but someone grabbed a screenshot of the posts before he could do it.
And now we've got a small storm brewing (see people referring to the incident here.)
But for years there has been an audio drop of one of the morning hosts saying, "I think all Mexicans are dirty." That's probably the origin of his tweet.
Update: Suspended.


Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on that pic of the blonde chicks below.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes jokes can be too inside. Looks like Chewbacsik is about to get hit harder than a Barry Bonds drive to right center--something he should be really familiar with.

Anonymous said...

The only dirty Mexican is Eddie Najera.

RPM said...

I've often wondered how the little Ticket gets away with all the racist jokes they tell. I guess it's because the majority of their listeners are middle age white guys.

Do they like that gig?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the snow monkeys aren't offended.

DF Nolan Ryan

Anonymous said...

Help me man !