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A Kelly Brook Pick Me Up


Anonymous said...

Nom nom nom nom

Anonymous said...

Well that certainly did the trick!

The quality of your pix has inproved over the last couple of days.
But please don't run a photo of the crazy baby-killing mom or post links that say "don't look at this". That kind of stuff makes my banjo look like it belongs in a Salvador Dali painting

Judy said...

Kelly Brock, Barry. That's Kelly Brock.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to House of R&R does anyone know ? I really enjoyed her blog ! Blue Angel

Anonymous said...

She is all wet! I wish I could take the credit

Anonymous said...

Maybe the best pic ever!

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy,

You could not be MORE wrong.

Her name is Kelly Brook

Not Kelly Brock, some random singer

Not Kelly LaBrock, an 80's actress...