Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Goldman Sachs executives will testify before Congress today. Prepare yourself for lots of five second soundbite showboating on the evening news ---- that is, from the congressmen.
  • Someone will say, "While people were being kicked out of their homes through the front door during the mortgage crisis, you were [insert witty way of saying making a bunch of money.]"
  • Chicago murders so far this year: 116. US Troops killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan during same period: 127. Yep. Pretty much the same.
  • Rick Perry and Glenn Beck were on stage together in Tyler, Texas over the weekend. Perry might want to throttle it back a bit.
  • I've already had the Yellow Pages salesperson come by this morning for her appointment. I think I gave her the impression I wanted the renewal deal done in a hurry. She was accommodating. Big time.
  • The high tech blog Gizmondo pays $5,000 for a "lost" new iPhone 4G prototype, writes a review about it which gets ton of Internet buzz, and then the author gets his home raided and computers seized by the police. Big government, indeed.
  • I just heard someone in my office use the word "potty."
  • I wouldn't even bet on the Mavericks to win tonight in Dallas before being eliminated in San Antonio.
  • I had read about the "mutilated" woman found on a Lewisville street yesterday morning, but I had no idea she was killed with a chainsaw by her husband. (Or so The Ticket says.)
  • There are a couple of hotels in Decatur which seem to have been under construction for years.
  • Almost one year ago I wrote about a Texas Monthly article that put me in tears. Last week, the author won what is probably the highest honor for magazine writing for that very same article.
  • The doctor that treated deceased Tarrant County DA Tim Curry was reprimanded for telling another cancer patient, "if it were me, I would get a bottle, a gun and go into the woods and contemplate my options." Good lord, woman.
  • I've never called 911. For some crazy reason I believe it is to be used only for emergencies.
  • Paris Hilton wannabees at the Ranger game last night. Hey, now.
  • How silly was it to cancel Fort Worth's Mayfest last year due to the Swine Flu?