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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Goldman Sachs executives will testify before Congress today. Prepare yourself for lots of five second soundbite showboating on the evening news ---- that is, from the congressmen.
  • Someone will say, "While people were being kicked out of their homes through the front door during the mortgage crisis, you were [insert witty way of saying making a bunch of money.]"
  • Chicago murders so far this year: 116. US Troops killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan during same period: 127. Yep. Pretty much the same.
  • Rick Perry and Glenn Beck were on stage together in Tyler, Texas over the weekend. Perry might want to throttle it back a bit.
  • I've already had the Yellow Pages salesperson come by this morning for her appointment. I think I gave her the impression I wanted the renewal deal done in a hurry. She was accommodating. Big time.
  • The high tech blog Gizmondo pays $5,000 for a "lost" new iPhone 4G prototype, writes a review about it which gets ton of Internet buzz, and then the author gets his home raided and computers seized by the police. Big government, indeed.
  • I just heard someone in my office use the word "potty."
  • I wouldn't even bet on the Mavericks to win tonight in Dallas before being eliminated in San Antonio.
  • I had read about the "mutilated" woman found on a Lewisville street yesterday morning, but I had no idea she was killed with a chainsaw by her husband. (Or so The Ticket says.)
  • There are a couple of hotels in Decatur which seem to have been under construction for years.
  • Almost one year ago I wrote about a Texas Monthly article that put me in tears. Last week, the author won what is probably the highest honor for magazine writing for that very same article.
  • The doctor that treated deceased Tarrant County DA Tim Curry was reprimanded for telling another cancer patient, "if it were me, I would get a bottle, a gun and go into the woods and contemplate my options." Good lord, woman.
  • I've never called 911. For some crazy reason I believe it is to be used only for emergencies.
  • Paris Hilton wannabees at the Ranger game last night. Hey, now.
  • How silly was it to cancel Fort Worth's Mayfest last year due to the Swine Flu?


Anonymous said...

i dont think perry should back off at all. the best i can tell, the days of moderates are over. bi-partisan means agreeing with liberals. i, for one dont care anything at all about getting along. bi-partisan, bi-polar, bi-sexual etc.....make up your mind whose side your on.

Anonymous said...

The coal industry, Haliburton, Wall St (and not mentioning engergy and immigration policy) and the list goes on, but our Congress is idle with posturing by both sides "energizing their bases" for the next round of elections instead of solving problems.

Even if the Republicks regain control of one of the houses, it will just be the Democrats using the filibuster to block progress.

I can't stand the racisim, bigotry, simplistic cliches of the TEA Party crowd, but I share their frustration.

We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare, immigration, energy, and financial reform can't be solved by simplistic jingoisms that fit on bumper stickers.

Each one is incredibly complex, each one callilng for the "unwiding" of past sins in order to move forward, and all calling for give and take, and continual refining to remove loopholes and unintended consequences.

All of this in a polorized political enviornment.

We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

I haven't opened a Yellow Pages in at least three years. Waste of money to advertise there IMHO.

wordkyle said...

835 complains about the ineffectiveness of Congress because of political polarization, then repeats the unfounded and incorrect Democrat accusations against the TEA party attendees. (And did you really invoke Halliburton?) I would say it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but that would make me a racist, wouldn't it?

This nation has always been divided politically. The problem is that too many people want politicians to solve the problems, when the majority of the problems were caused by politicians in the first place.

Anonymous said...

There is this thing called the internet to advertise on. Maybe you have heard of it? Waste of time to advertise in the yellow pages. Didn't know anyone used those anymore!

Anonymous said...

Politicians don't run unsafe mines. They don't sell deritives. They don't cancel health insurance of sick people.

They do take money from those who do.

A ligitimate function of govt is to protect its people.

No WK your comments make you a racist. Defend the issues, but don't look the other way at the TEA party slogans, caricatures of our President.

And yes I know you will run to the tried and true, "we didn't do it first" but wrong is wrong. Denounce it.

I support less govt if/where possible. There are just some things that can only be done by govt.

Anonymous said...

RE the slapdown of Tim Curry's doc:

Sounds like frontier Texas doctoring to me. Here, bite on this leather strap while I whittle on that wound with my Bowie knife. Yeehaw!

My Other Brother Darryl

M-M said...

That article, "Still Life", was one of the best stories I've ever read. We read it out loud as a family, taking turns reading and towards the end of the article we all had a difficult time getting through it, because we were all in tears. A memorable evening for our family.

Anonymous said...

barron, i would advertize on 'the blog' . no shortage of needy, ignorant people and they all read the blog.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

I am a conservative. And I am completely beaten down by; (in no particular order)

Rick Perry
TEA Parties
Sarah Palin
Both Sides of the Ailse
Fox News

wordkyle said...

1007 - Unsafe mines? The WV mining disaster, while terrible, is not indicative of an overwhelming problem in the United States.
- Derivatives? There is nothing innately wrong with a derivative market. If you are trying to reference the financial crisis, look first to the pressure by Democrat politicians to force lenders to lend to uncreditworthy mortgage borrowers, for purely politcal gain.
- Until Democrats broadcast the claim to boost their efforts toward government-run healthcare, was "canceling insurance on sick people" a major issue for most Americans? It's illegal for insurance companies to do it in the first place, so shouldn't existing laws have been enforced, rather than tear down the whole house?
- Look to the financial industry's contributions to Democrats if you want to follow a money trail.
- Why should supporters of the Tea parties have to defend themselves against accusations of racism? Because an infinitesimal fringe collection of hangers-on carry stupid signs? (Still absolutely NO evidence of tea partiers shouting the n-word at congressmen, by the way.)

Meanwhile, look at politician-caused problems such as porous borders, rampant dependence on government handouts, exacerbation and exploitation of class envy, degradation of our children's education, the demonization of self-sufficiency and the promotion of the victim mentality.

Anonymous said...

How is the home raid "big government"? They paid for stolen property. Journalist shield laws don't protect for things like that.

Plus, they plastered the engineer's personal information all over Gizmodo. But when the "reported" gets busted, they blur out his personal information. The Gawker "family" of sites has always been horrible. And this isn't the first time Gizmodo has dome something stupid and received punishment for it.

Anonymous said...

wordkyle, if this blog had emoticoms (does it?)I would give you a BIG "high five" "thumbs up". I'll settle for "WAY TO GO"

Anonymous said...

What makes anyone think that the bozo's in Congress or in the White House have the cognitive skills to solve anything? Yea for gridlock....keep them from passing anything else that costs another dime. Then replace them with people you think might cut the spending. If the interest rate rises we are indeed doomed as the cost of the interest on the debt could exceed revenue is bad enough that we are spending more than a trillion a year more than we take in....soon we could be borrowing 100% of the money we pay on the interest on the insane is that? If you think we can spend our way or regulate our way out of this mess you may be a complete idiot. This has to stop.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to everything Mike Honcho said.

Anonymous said...

I read this and had to comment:

I've never called 911. For some crazy reason I believe it is to be used only for emergencies.

Thank you, I wish everyone thought this way