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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Boat

I wouldn't do it since I'm sure my arms would go flying out of their shoulder sockets, but did you know Fort Worth is to get a "wake park" next year? You know, wakeboarding without a boat.
It'll be off of Northside drive a little bit past Mercado Juarez. Which now makes me realize I'd rather go to Mercado Juarez than the wake park at this moment.


Anonymous said...

Dangit! now I'm jonesing some MJ salsa.

Anonymous said...

Barry, at least you have good taste in food!

Anonymous said...

Ewww...nasty food. Who puts peas in rice? YUCK!

Anonymous said...

mercado juarez is the worst mexican food in the history of ever. so many more places in that area far better

- joe t garcies
- el rancho grande
- la playa maya
- the original (roosevelt ate there)
- los vacqeros
- mi cocina

abbienormyl said...

I'll take a Fuzzy's Taco over MJ anyday...wait a second...that didn't sound right!

RPM said...

I like fuzzy tacos. I like chicks that like fuzzy tacos.

What's the problem?