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Remember This Lady?

This Plano woman was found not guilty by reason of insanity a few years back of killing her baby by cutting his arms off. She was in the news briefly this weekend after a generic AP story reported she had been ordered back to a mental hospital. But look at this shocking tidbit buried in the story:
"[I]n March, firefighters in the Dallas suburb of Richardson found her walking down the street at 2 a.m."


Anonymous said...

If this is how well the Govt. takes care of severe nut cases, what kind of job will they do taking care of your health?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I would say Mexicans are dirty because they sure do know how to clean a home.

Anonymous said...

WHY was she out of jail? That one crime should have kept her locked away for life!

RPM said...

How is she out on the street. I thought if you were found not guilty by insanity you went to a mental institution.

That's just crazy.