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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I've heard for years that most money in the U.S. has cocaine residue on it, and yesterday there was a new report putting that number at 90%. I don't believe that. At all.
  • It's extremely rare to even see a cocaine criminal case these days.
  • KXAS's Jane McGarry said last night at 6:00 that Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison officially "threw her name in the hat" for Texas Governor. Uh, isn't that "threw her hat in the ring?"
  • Frequent commenter Denny Crane says if he wants to call our President a "nigger", he will. Good lord, man. Throttle back! Throttle back!
  • Over at the Morning News web site this morning, they had a "Live Blog" covering something called Plano ISD's Convocation (which sounds like a pep rally for all of the teachers.) It started at 7:00 or so and included school board members being led in by cheerleaders. That would power me down.
  • And that live blog posted this thrilling poll: "Are you ready for the 2009-2010 school year to begin?" After it had been up for over an hour, no one had responded.
  • Outliers, which I promote constantly, made the case for year round schools.
  • Watched a bit of Hard Knocks on HBO (the documentary about preseason training camps, this time with the Cincinnati Bengals.) Former Cowboy Roy Williams was schooled in a drill getting knocked on his back but, after the fact, wasn't even embarrassed by it. Good riddance.
  • Woodstock looked like it would have been a beating. I don't do crowds. I don't do mud. I don't do bad music.
  • Y.E. Yang, who bested Tiger Woods this weekend and who lives in Southlake, speaks no English.
  • Ticket Fans only.
  • Yesterday we had Britney in a pink bikini, today we've got a new color. Love that girl.
  • Did the ol' slice the thumb with a knife in the kitchen trick last night. But it wasn't too bad.
  • Last night was the deadline to sign players from this year's Major League Baseball draft. The first pick signed for a record $15 million. The Rangers failed to sign their high school pick who now heads to TCU. To paraphrase Dale Hansen from many years ago, "The kid needs an education."
  • Reader's Digest filed for bankruptcy reorganization. I liked it as a kid, but haven't read it since then (unless I was stuck at a doctor's office.)
  • The Obama kids always look like they are having the time of their lives


Anonymous said...

Anyone read the Update today? Do you notice that the Cities of Bridgeport and Decatur have made numerous efforts to cut their base budgets in order to keep from raising the tax rate? What is the county doing...raising it. How dare they do that in this time of need, we don't have the money. The Constable has the nerve to say he can cut a certain amount out but he wants it applied to his raise. How about the county go back and do some hard looking at their budgets and cut just like everyone else is cutting. I can promise you that I will do what it takes to make sure these same people in office will not be there next time. You guys have a lot of nerve proposing raises!!!

Anonymous said...

Denny Crane is so far over the top that he's living in the vacuum of space. He needs to be reminded that he's referring to the President of the United States ... or he just needs to be castrated. One or the other.

(Hey, one good "over the top" comment deserves another, right?)

Anonymous said...

Denney I like you and most of the time I agree with you, but you should lead by example and you're doing exactly what the other side is doing when you use those slurs. In fact, it's that kind of nonsense that gives conservatives a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Denny Crane blog was hard hitting because it pointed out as to how Obama and gang are name calling, especially in labeling town hall protestors as being un-American! The video emplies calling Obama a socialists is some kind of code word for using the N word!

More is expected from our president who took an oath to protect the constitution and the first admendment right to free speech. Protesting at town hall meetings is not being un-American, it is a fundamental right. And if the liberal wing of the Democratic party name calls, those who are being labeled have the right to respond.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the music at Woodstock was "bad"???? It's the best ever (Country Joe, Joan Baez, Hendrix, Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Santana ....), and I'd give just about anything to have been able to attend, but I was about 3 years too young. If I'd been 19 and out of the house with wheels, man, I would have been there! Everytime I watch one of those shows about it (like last night on the History Channel) I am sooooo envious! Oh to be young again and able to have experienced that and say "I was there". There's been no music to match it's excellence since, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you bring some money by the SO and we'll test it for you.

Anonymous said...

so... um, denny crane officially confirms he is a bigot. yawn. what else is new?

he also appears to be making really aggressive use of his comment moderation feature. ironic, considering his wacky rantings about his (rather peculiar) notions of "free speech."

hey, denny: i know you're kinda slow... but comparisons to george wallace and david duke are generally not considered to be compliments in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Our county commissioners are raising our taxes in order to get more money than they had last year always using the excuse our population is growing. But what services do we get for our tax dollars? We spent several hundred thousand dollars to design a new courthouse, instead of a courthouse annex like most other counties have. They spent over $75,000 for an electronic poll book to shorten the time to check in voters so they can stand in line longer to use the voting machines! Yes, it is just a few cents more than last year, but add it to the additional tax for the college and it starts to ad up! And they only gave seniors a $100,000 property tax exemption, which means many seniors will pay taxes for the college.

It is time for another TEA party at the courthouse. This time to protest local taxes and wasteful spending.

Anonymous said...

You don't believe the cocaine on money? I'm sure the folks at the 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C. doesn't know what they're talking about.

"Name in hat" is a correct old-saying, as is "hat in ring".

Anonymous said...

9:02 - want it to change? Then do what the judge and commissioners did. Put your a$$ on the line, do the hard work and run for office.

Or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Barry, never use a slicing knife while drooling over pics of Britney.


Anonymous said...

"How can you say the music at Woodstock was "bad"???? It's the best ever (Country Joe, Joan Baez, Hendrix, Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker, Santana ....),"

Hah ha ha ha ha ha- you're kidding right? I mean really- you're carrying the 'over the top torch' this morning as a theme from earlier commenters?!

Oh well, anyway that was pretty funny. I almost peed my pants. Good one.

Anonymous said...

I think that the talking head from MSNBC missed the mark (thus Denny Crane also is amiss) in that the protesters aren't using the word "socialist" as a substitute for the "N" word. The only connection is that they are using it with the same angry tone. However, I feel that Denny is correct on every other point. The commentator is using the protesters' passion to turn on them, accusing them of "codeword racism", when he is the one injecting racism into the topic.

The liberals know that socialism is exactly what he is proposing. Take money from the people and businesses that know how to make it, redistribute it to the people who don't have it, with the government right in the middle taking its cut.
This administration (or rather, its defenders) has a perfect self-defense system. Counterattack anything with a label of racism

Anonymous said...

9:09 - Why should 9:02 shut up? Why should you have to run for office to keep your taxes low? That is the problem today, no one speaks up but when they do they are told to shut up. If we don't like the way are elected officials are running things then we need to speak up. What we need is a better way to be heard! Is there a forum in Wise County that addresses local government issues?

The City of Decatur is having a public hearing to discuss the new budget but how can a person discus something they haven't (or can't) see. Pointless! 49% increase in health insurance???

Brock said...

I would have probably been at Woodstock, but I was going to college in Lubbock, Texas at the time and unfortnately Lubbock wasn't told about Woodstock until about six months after it happened. The movie about Woodstock did come to Lubbock about one year later. I am still trying to assess how all of that impacted my life.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of testing money for drugs. Who cares, what does it matter? Talk about a waste of money. I guess it gives them a reason to keep the war on drugs going.

chupacabra said...

For perspective: "Armenta and de la Guardia analyzed Spanish notes for cocaine traces, finding they contained an average of 155 micrograms of cocaine. (A gram of cocaine would fill about half a tea bag. A microgram is one-millionth of that amount.)" live

These studies go back to 1985 and consistently show the same same results (based on detection science at the time) so I dont really know what the hullabaloo is-essentially 100%of drug deals will be with cash. Illicit drug deals are a big factor in our economy. They will all use money counters which is all it would take to fan residue and contaminate the machine and future clean bills. Plenty of it is also washed through casinos and banks further insuring more of it comes in contact with clean bills.

You could get nearly any results you wanted out of a similar study with any substance (urine, feces and bacteria) for example but, the finely powered nature of cocaine lends itself well to cross contamination.

Oh, and giving the DEA et al something else to try to scare us with when maybe we ought to be worried about all the bills in circulation with pee, dooky and bacteria on them.

Anonymous said...

Why do we get so upset about name calling. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but....

chupacabra said...

PS "With 5.8 million people having used the drug at least once in 2007, the U.S. is the world's biggest cocaine market, according to the 2009 UN World Drug Report. "

The newest study on this used a gas chromatagraph mass spectrometer I just read- I'm surprised now the number isn't 100%. This is the same tech. they have borrowed to sample for marijuanna pollen downwind from suspected growing operations- on public or complicit property to then obtain warrants.

Anonymous said...

9:48 - if you are speaking up by contacting your commissioner, judge and/or getting on the agenda to address the court with your concerns, then fine. If you've done all that and feel your voice isn't being heard, then run for office.

Those folks are running out of room. Go by some of the county offices, check with your elected officials and see for yourself.

I don't want raised taxes either, but something must be done to give our county folks more room.

Anonymous said...

Music from Woodstock was good...for its time.
But this comment:
"There's been no music to match it's excellence since, in my opinion."
is exactly that - your opinion. Very few people would say that no music since then has been as good. In fact, lots of it has been better...much better.
Still lamenting the fact that you weren't there after all these years is just lame

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Denny Crane hit the nail on the head. Don't crucify him for speaking the truth. I don't condone the "n" word in ordinary speak; however when acting like one, be prepared to be called one.

Anonymous said...

I expect this place will start smoking when Crane gets back here with his comments.

Get out the fire extinguishers!

Anonymous said...

Did yall hear about a fight in bar north of decatur on 287 on south bound side between a decatur vet and a female cop lets do some digging

Anonymous said...

9:48 - Then we have to many of them working for the county. Let some of them go and we save space plus tax dollars used for their salary. They all need to work a little harder.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that $32,000 for county constables isn't that much, but they knew how much it paid when they took the job. And now, they want base pay to increase 13,000-16,000? Fine, but it should not take effect until after they leave office. In fact, that should apply to all politicians. Giving yourself a raise on taxpayer money is just wrong!

Anonymous said...

We moved to Texas (Arlington) from the Catskills / Ulster County about a year before that so-called Woodstock event (never would have gone anyway!); however, never understood why it was called Woodstock? We had several friends who lived in the actual Woodstock (more-or-less an artist community), where that event took place is even the other side of the Ashokan reservoir!

Anonymous said...

Barry, what's the deal with your obsession with construction in Decatur?

Getting tired of Britney?


Anonymous said...

10:35. I agree. I discourage the general useage of racial slurs when applied to any individual of any race before I get a chance to know them. If their behavior warrants the use of a disparaging term---I have been known to use it. I'm not bragging about that---just being honest in today's overly PC world. Blatant, hateful use of racial epithets just because someone is of another race should be dealt with harshly and not tolerated. However, terminating someone's employment or labeling them a bigot or a racist because they made a racially insensitive remark or voiced a racially biased personal opinion such as "Most African- Americans run faster than most Caucasians"- is over the top IMO. I think most present-day Caucasians have been overly conditioned to become racial apologists to blacks for slavery and racial discrimination practices of the past when any racial reference is used in any context whether well-intentioned or not. O.k---fire away with the "closet bigot" posts.

Anonymous said...

Who pays attention to "CRACKER CANE GRAND WIZ" anyway???

Jarhead said...

I've heard for years that most money in the U.S. has cocaine residue on it...

I'll bet all of it has e coli on it. Yummy.

I don't agree with the use of the "N" word, but I agree that the Obama administration is sick of [rightly] being called "socialist" so they threw down the race card.

Hmmm, how can we get Amer'kins to quit calling the president a socialist? A ha! We'll put it out there that "socialist" is a euphamism for "n-word" and so every time some wing nut uses the term we can call them racists! **lots of back-slapping and self-congratulatory banter**

Nice try, but very transparent.

Leave it to DC to call a spade a spade.

Wait, am I a racist now because I used that term?

Shit. I spook myself sometimes.

DAMN!! There I go again!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of being labeled a racist and or bigot, just for being a white conservative. Why can't I disagree with Obama or anyone of color for that matter based on their policies and opinions. It seems that if you don't agree with the current administrations policies, you are a racist. I would think a racist is someone who voted (or not voted) for Obama based solely on color, and could care less about his values and policies. Those that voted for him based on his skin tone and viewed him as some sort of Messiah, are just as guilty of racism, maybe more so, than those who use the "n" word.

House of R and R said...

The kiddos in the big city now say "president" instead of the n-word.

At least that's what a kiddo from the big city told me.

Anonymous said...

Some "Socialist Programs":

Social Security
Agriculture Inspections
Americans with Disablities
Cancer Research
Centers for Disease Control
Child Support Enforcement
Crime Victims Assistance
Crop Disaster Program
Department of Defense
Drug Prevention Programs
Employment Discrimination Equal Pay Act
Equal Employment Opportunity
Fair Housing and Credit
Fish and Wildlife Management
Veteran's Preference in Federal Employment
Veterans Compensation for Service-Connected Disability,
Veterans Dental Care,
Veterans Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for Service-Connected Death,
Veterans Domiciliary Care,
Veterans Entrepreneurial Training and Counseling,
Veterans Home Based Primary Care,
Veterans Housing_Direct Loans for Certain Disabled Veterans
Veterans Housing_Guaranteed and Insured Loans,
Veterans Housing_Manufactured Home Loans
Veterans Information and Assistance
Veterans Medical Care Benefits,
Veterans Nursing Home Care,
Veterans Prescription Service,
Veterans Prosthetic Appliances,
Veterans Rehabilitation_Alcohol and Drug Dependence,
Veterans State Domiciliary Care,
Veterans State Hospital Care,
Veterans State Nursing Home Care,
Veterans' Employment Program.

The list goes on for government funded (socialist) programs.

If the Republicans have a better solution to all the problems we have and are going through then why don't they tell the American people. Come up with a solution to health care.

Not everyone who is poor wants the "free ride" on the health care wagon. Some of us just need a little help to take care of some of the bills that are coming in. When your insurance pays 80% and you pay 20% of the bill. Sometimes the insurance pays less than you do because they get to negotiate their rate. I don't get to negotiate my rate I get to pay what they say I owe.

I am all for a health care plan if it benefits those who really need it, not the welfare cases who get Medicaid anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before, now I will say it again. Freedom means it is none of your business what words I choose to use. If you want to start down a slippery slope by "not tolerating" someone else's speech, yours will be next. And in order to ban some words, you will inevitably put some Washington bureaucrat in charge, complete with enfocement mechanisms (thought police). Are you all really stupid enough to wish your own demise down on all of us?

Craziest part of it all is that the majority of blacks are not remotely offended by being called nigger. They are amused and mystified by our discomfort

Anonymous said...

Veterans' programs aren't considered socialism. They earned the benefits they get by voluntarily enlisting and protecting our freedom.
Socialism has to do with redistributing wealth without benefit of merit. Government-funded programs aren't necessarily socialist in nature. Only a few of the examples you have listed qualify.
Also, some of us who need a little help to take care of the bills don't even qualify for government help because technically we make too much money. I figure that'll be corrected soon enough - if you "socialists" get your way

Anonymous said...

10:51 yes i hear about good fight at the bar, MR J. from Equine hit a female cop and her husband in the crowed jumped and opened a can of woop ass upon him.The husband might of been doing a ride along or just keeping an eye on her but I bet the HIGH SHERIFF got some looking into this keep looking BERRY DIG IT UP.

Anonymous said...

Great post 1:56.

Republicans should never take a penny from any of the programs you mention, if they are going to continue their endless rants about socialized government programs.

If it weren't for the VA Prescription drugs my husband gets, we would NOT have the money to pay for them.

It would be interesting to know how many Republican Veterans in Wise County are blessed by having their meds provided through VA.

Anonymous said...

Todays girl is yuck and Britney is a little pudgy.

Anonymous said...

As for Denney Cranes video saying that "socialist" will replace the "n" word...not a lot of words rhyme with socialist, so don't expect to hear it your gangsta rap song home boiii.

"Yeeah....yeaah. I was chill'n wif my socialists down at da club..."

Nah..doesn't have the same meaning. Maybe we can shorten it to "soshees."

Used in a sentence: "That soshee can sure run fast."

Anonymous said...

I have been upset with how our taxes are spent for a long time. And now I read in the Mess that Richardson wants us to pay for up keep for his private ramps in Newark ! So his buddy can launch his canoe ? What kind of crap we got going on here ?

Anonymous said...

I dont mind paying more taxes for police and fire fighters. But I will be damned if I will pay for pet projects in Newark. I dont even own a damn boat.

Anonymous said...

Denny Crane lost a reader today. Normal people don't write that kind of hatred. Makes me ashamed of who I am and whom I voted for.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 1:56...
A few of the services you listed are regarding law enforcement and defense which is precisely what are government is SUPPOSE to do.


Have the government, refund me EVERY cent, with interest, of the money I have been FORCED to pay into Social Security and I will gladly not take a cent from Social Security. While you are at it, have Social Security refund, with interest, EVERY cent my parents were FORCED to pay into but did not live long enough to collect a cent from Social Security. Social Security and inheritance taxes do more to keep families from acquiring personal wealth than anything else the government does to hard working citizens.

As for the benefits granted to veterans, THEY EARNED THEM and EVERY American should be only too grateful for ANY portion of their taxes to provide benefits and compensation to citizens who have put their lives on the line and hold to defend and protect their fellow Americans.

Social Security is BROKE.
Medicare is BROKE.
Medicaid is BROKE.
United States Post Office is BROKE.
Amtrak is BROKE.

The United States Government is BROKE.

However, people like you want to hand over something else for the U.S. Government to BREAK.

You people who HONESTLY believe the U.S. Government can fix everything are either BLIND or STUPID which renders you clueless as regard to what the U.S. Government can and cannnot do OR you are a bunch of malicious jerks who want to screw up the entire country just because you are screwed.

I do not know which it is but people like you make me realize that there truly should be a minimum level of intelligence required of everyone who votes in an attempt to keep people like you from voting.

wordkyle said...

156 & 236 - Your assumption (I assume) is that there were no better alternatives to the particular problems than government takeover. The greater problem is that once a government program is implemented, it never goes away and it sucks resources away from citizens that they might use in a better way. (Social Security vs. private retirement accounts, for example.) Moreover, many of the problems are precisely because of the government.

As for alternatives, here are a few:
* Tax exemption for insurance premiums
* Allow consumers to shop for insurance across state lines
* Tax incentives for healthy living
* Protection for doctors against malpractice lawsuits
* Tax breaks to encourage small businesses to offer insurance to their employees

That's off the top of my head, and I'm just an average citizen. What ingenious and effective alternatives could they come up with if somebody who was qualified actually gave it some thought? The Democrat plan is like killing a fly with a howitzer. It'll work, sort of, but it's wasteful, unnecessary, and it'll cause a lot of collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

1:56, Read real slowly and maybe this time it will sink in. The Republican plan is to do away with government mandates and tort reform if you want to overhaul health INSURANCE. But since your lefty liberal weenies are in charge, you will never see it happen. Have you ever heard Obammy say anything about tort reform? Hell no, because he is a lawyer and lawyers donate heavily to the democrats. Where does it say in the Constitution that everyone has a right to free health care? Using that logic, I want free car insurance also. And could you pay for my utilities while you're at it?

mzchief said...

As for Denney Crane...
I do not like the tack Denney Crane used to express his frustration with regard to people who disagree with Obama being labeled racists but I certainly understand his frustration and outrage.
Face it people, OZombies are now attempting to redefine the word "Socialist" to mean "nigger." That is OUTRAGEOUS! Yep! I wrote the word "nigger" if you or anyone else is sooooo bloody offended by the mere utterance of ANY word, you really should back away from the Interweb, T.V. and reality and consider finding a cave on a deserted island and moving there so as to protect your ever so tender sensibilities.

I absolutely defend Denney Crane's right to call Obama and/or anyone any name he wishes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we all can get together and have a beer and discuss socialism and healthcare.

Anonymous said...

I we could only have people that think like Denny Crane in our government and law enforcement, think of what a great country we could really have. Ol' Denny knows what he is talking about. If you don't agree with Crane, then you must be a socialist in pain. Go Denny!

Anonymous said...

Uh, 3:49-----
Sorry to intrude on your pity-party, but if you are going to throw a "whom' in there to show off your grammatical skills you might want to think about putting the preposition where it goes.

"for whom I voted"

Now you really are smart and can quit pretending

You're welcome

Anonymous said...

Man, I feel the love in the room. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Wow MZ>>>

As many times as I have trashed you for being obnoxious (which you sometimes are):

Let me say you are so right! GO girl, GO!!!

PS-if you want to be queen for a week or so and fix some stuff here in the good ole USA, I'm good with that.

Anonymous said...

4:38 - sounds good to me, but if you want the Wise County Republican women to join you, you'd better have koolaid or non alcholic beverages.

They don't drink, smoke, do drugs........but they do walk three feet behind their men, homeschool their kids and luv Phil King.........

Anonymous said...

7:10, they walk three feet behind their men so that they can tell their men which way to go!!

Mzchief, you are so right on the money!

Anonymous said...

Obama will only succeed in bringing about more racism! Oprah began it, and Obama will finish it. Civil strife will be the ruination of our America if we don't all stick together AS AMERICANS!

Anonymous said... it "tack" or Tact"?

Anonymous said...

7:10, You forgot to mention that they wear burquas also.

Candance said...

We had Reader's Digest in large print at the retirement community. It was like a coffee table book but made me think I didn't need glasses which was nice. The resident's seemed to like it.

Wonder if the bankruptcy thing means they won't buy my funny story now? It was hysterical, too. Shit.

mzchief said...

Thank you to the anonymous commentors who voiced their agreement with me.

To anonymous 5:50...
Typically, my comments are bombastic and lacking in tact due in part to the fact message boards/blog comments do not lend themselves to a diplomatic style of rhetoric/debate. That being the case, it is understandable that people who disagree with my opinion find some/most/all my comments "obnoxious." I am glad we were able to agree on the issue of the inappropriateness of the government being granted the opportunity to break a vital part of 90% of all American's lives since the government has screwed up everything else it's handled.

Being queen for a week would cut into my golf schedule so I will gladly pass. However, thank you.

To anonymous 9:57...
My usage of "tack" was correct. Denney Crane is a highly intelligent man with whom I frequently disagree but usally respect for his fact based opinions which is one reason I was bothered by Denney Crane's lack of tact/diplomacy. His tack was intentionally divisive resulting in most people not understanding that Crane was not calling Obama a nigger but was expressing his right to do so if it was his desire.

tack = direction/approach
tact = diplomacy

Anonymous said...

I thought tack was what cowboys bought at David's Western Wear store. Or, those things they use to anchor down carpets. Or for use by the thumb for kid's drawings and memos on cork boards. Or what is used to secure down furniture coverings with. Or was hard and what frontier people ate on the trail. Or was used as a weapon as in "A Tack our enemies." Or in reference to the male Tack-a-Whacker. Or the vehicles that haul them "Tack Trucks." Or wearing trashy clothes as in "Tack-y." Or the 'ol "tack" in the chair of the teacher trick. Or a Conservative think tack. A lot of the time a tack is just upside down becoming a prick if stepped on or run over by a tire. We need to pay more tackses so our county commissioners and constables can get a raise. Sometimes County Government can really be Tacksing.