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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • At least 75 are dead in Baghdad this morning. "Mission Accomplished" was when?
  • Pudge Rodriguez has lost a lot of weight. But I think we all know why.
  • I suppose that the civil unrest felt in this country is similar to what was felt in the Sixties except now the public is too fat and lazy to get out an protest.
  • For a hurricane that will never touch land, Bill sure is getting a lot of attention.
  • The Wise County Commissioners are setting the current budget. During my first year as DA, I voluntarily cut $10,000 (or was it $5,000?) due to a line item that read "Outside Appellate Attorney" that I didn't need. I bet I am the only elected official in this county in the last 50 years to cut their budget on their own. And I was elected as a Democrat.
  • I just bragged a little bit. I apologize.
  • What hotel do you think Paul McCartney is staying in tonight?
  • Someone wrote me and said this Explorer patch for Wise County has some unusual markings on it. I don't know enough about history to understand. Edit: Patch in context on county web site.
  • I've got a live Fantasy Football draft in Paradise this weekend. The draft is probably more fun than the season is.
  • I bet un-re-re-retired and now Minnesota Viking Brett Favre doesn't even start for the last half of season. His skills have diminished, he's a year older, he's coming off shoulder surgery, and he has a torn rotator cuff. Maybe we'll get to see a mid-season tearful re-re-re-retirement.
  • Caller to KLIF this morning on the issue of whether we should be spending or saving, "If it don't go 'bang' and I can't reload it, I ain't buying it right now." Good grief.
  • There was tremendous outrage when Texas appellate judge Sharon Keller allegedly shut down the Court of Criminal Appeals preventing a last minute appeal of a death row inmate. Over the last two days, her ethics hearing has been going on and you hardly have heard a peep about it.


Anonymous said...

Read the case on the death row individual that led to the Keller falderal. He fully deserved his punishment, as assessed by a jury of his fellow citizens.

Having said that, Judge Keller seriously fell down in her responsibilities of administering her duties. When life is involved, you cross every T and dot every I. She is a lousy Chief Justice. Her excuses (via her lawyer) are just sad. The equivalent of my dog ate my homework, I didn't know we had a test, or I didn't hear the question. Very junior high.

My Other Brother Darryl

mzchief said...


The patch is rife with Nazi insignia.

That particular style of eagle was the formal symbol for Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich beginning in the 1930's.

The lightening bolt is a Nazi symbol signifying the Schutzstaffel (SS), Heinrich Himmler’s police forces, whose members ranged from agents of the Gestapo to soldiers of the Waffen SS to the guards at concentration and death camps.

Both of these symbols are well known "hate symbols" frequently tattooed all over the bodies of neo-nazi/skinheads.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't do much good to save when banks use your money and pay about .15% interest. If you have money just bury it like the oldtimers until interst goes up.

Anonymous said...

Hail constable IV

Anonymous said...

Barry, why don't you run for public office again?

Anonymous said...

A two percent raise to county employees, paid out of the pocket of the taxpayers who are worried about losing their jobs or keeping their small businesses going, should get Terry Ross and Kevin Burns booted out of office in 2010! How many small businesses are able to hand out raises while paying more for health care, taxes, etc.? Now we are faced with increased taxes for the building of the Junior college and an increase in the county taxes after the Chief Appraiser raised our property values. It will be interesting to see if the commissioners take a raise for themselves or an increase in their car allowance. Each one has a foreman to run their road crews. Hopefully they will have to run for office with an opposing candidate both in the primary and the general election. That is if the taxpayers really care how their money is being spent and how high their tax bills will be next year.

Old Timer said...

Congrats to you Barry on cutting the budget. I don’t see the Republicans doing that. The Conservatives, as they label themselves, are rife with spending and wasting our money on such things as the ten million dollar jail, the million dollar shed to park an ambulance in, the courthouse annex in BP, the high dollar kennel to put strays in, ect. If this is being a conservative, then I am glad to be a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

so why has Pudge lost so much weight? He stopped eating fast food in arlington?

And your pick me up is a let down. what a Ho

Anonymous said...

The constables just got new cars and they knew what the pay scale was when they ran for office. Demanding more money during a time when the taxpayers are having it tough, is not cool and unappreciated. At least my constable had the sense to not ask for a raise.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's camped out at Wing(s)Stop?
Hard Days (Night) Inn?

I left the light on for Sir Paul, but he never showed up.

Triple Fake Tom Bodett

Anonymous said...

Barry, thanks for tooting your own horn as a Democrat.

Dang Republicans think they are the only frugal ones.


Anonymous said...

Do we REALLY need ALL these Commissioners?

Couldn't 2 do the job of 4????

Anonymous said...

Talking about county commissioners someone should go out and video these people they can cut someone have you ever drove by a county barn and seen the employes standing around just waiting to go home.FORMAN my ass they do not need you commissioners can do it so do it do your job i will be watching.

Anonymous said...

Gaylord Texan or someplace nice in downtown ft worth maybe? Actually, he is spending the night with me!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the FORMEN ever lose their jobs, they could supervise 9:13 on how to use some punctuation

Anonymous said...

8:41 (1)
Dig up that money and put it into a checking account at Legend. Follow a few simple requirements and earn 5% interest.
And, no - I don't work for the bank, but it's one of the better decisions I've made lately concerning money. About $400 so far this year

Anonymous said...

Didnt you try to legalize pot when you were in office?

Jarhead said...

You think Pudge did the Master Cleanse?

Anonymous said...

This blog would be a happier place if Michelle Keegan was at the top of it every day.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Because I still think its funny...

Are gitting back the little Pudge that hit .260 in 1992? Or are we getting back the great big swollen Juiced Pudge that hit .347 in 2000? Or the little shrunken Pudge that hit .219 last year?

I want the juiced one back.

PS - All you Rangers fans booing Big Papi during his last trip in are hypocrites if you don't do the same to Pudge.

Anonymous said...

9:38 I sorry

Anonymous said...

I would imagine Sir Paul goes to a private plane at DFW and off to his home in L.A.

Anonymous said...

i think i saw Pudge eating sushi at Armondo's, or maybe on Dance Your A** Off. just hope it wasn't on The Biggest Loser!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Danny Boy said...

The random girl looks like it was taken at a Mexican flea market.

I guess the White House cutting $100 million from each cabinet department could be considered saving money, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Honcho

Pudge wasn't busted you freaking idiot so there is nothing to boo

Anonymous said...

Why isnt there a post about the big fire on 287 north of Alvord it looks pretty intense and 287 is shut down

Anonymous said...

You be nice to my boyfriend, Brett Favre! The only problem he has is he just can't seem to quit. Those musers better be nice to him, too!


Former Packers' Fan and Counsel for the Defense.

Anonymous said...

Places Paul M. may be staying at:

Back in the USSR.

The Super 8 Days a Week Hotel.

Can't Buy Me Love Long-term Stays on Harry Hines.

Yesterday's Trailer Park.

Yellow Submarine Suites.

The Hippy Hippy Shake Shack on Harry Hines.

The W(ord).

The Thank You Girl Inn on Harry Hines.

The Savoy Truffle Hilton.

Please Please Me Motel on Harry Hines.

Memphis, Tennessee.

Here, There, and Everywhere.


Double Fake Fab Four, or at least what remains of it

Anonymous said...

Legend Bank, I'll check that out.
Thanks 9:45 & 11:16.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre broke another record in the NFL yesterday. He has the most incomplete retirements!

Joke from Stephen Colbert.

Sad day here in Wisconsin....we so loved the man...and now we want to kick his butt....he may have lost the chance to retire #4 in Lambeau field. At least for 20 years.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

11:58am... There is no doubt that Pudge was juicing.

He is just one of many when Texas was well known around the league for being a Big juicing Team.

Anonymous said...

The explorer badge utilizes the key a well known division emblem of an SS division

The Nazi Eagle

A lightening bolt ala SS runes

and is in gray and black ala the field gray and black noted for the Wermacht

Anonymous said...

I want to make sure I understand were my tax dollars are going in Newark. For the up keep & maintance of FOUR boat ramps and only one is use able? So one guy can put in his canoe and some ladies property values remains high? WTF ?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing McCartney is staying someplace cool like the W hotel. He'll have to be choppered in over all the traffic. It's quite possible he may be staying in one of those tricked out super fancy RV's. Who knows and does it really matter?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get my Burrito and her Taco together.

Anonymous said...

1) Forget about any Mission Accomplished comments for our current president hasn't a clue what is going on or what the mission is - foreign or domestic.

2) You will be wrong about Favre...he will be starting..we aren't talking about a Romo...we are talking about the best regardless of age.

Anonymous said...

"75 are dead-Mission Accomplished was when?" You can't make a campaign promise to chicken out and run from a fight and then not expect to have this. If the promise is ever completely honored (which I'm sure it won't), expect some of this on our soil.

Civil unrest now is like it was in the sixties-both eras had Democrats in the White House.

Watch for snakes at this year's fantasy draft. There seems to be a lot of them since they have been unmolested since the last one.

Did your total annual budget actually go by that amount or did you just find somewhere else to spend it like a good democrat?

Anonymous said...

The poor dupes who lament the fact that Iraq is still a mess due to George W's intervention can't blame the current problems on Obama. Recall Obama was still an Illinois senator when George W. started this unnecessary war in Iraq. Yes, Obama is now saddled with cleaning up the mess but it was created by Bush. And now the fine democracy that Bush was so fond of developing has told us to get out of their affairs. So let's get the hell out of there!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the Iraq bombings (all Middle East bombings, for that matter) should reflect on Bush or Obama or anybody else other than the worthless POS that committed the crime. Otherwise, it's kind of like blaming parents or society for criminal behavior...just a cop-out.

I hope that Robin Williams was right...that the bastards misinterpreted their "holy"'s not 71 virgins waiting for them, it's 71 Virginians waiting to beat the crap out of them for all of eternity.

Anonymous said...

8:52, I always wondered what Obammy did for a living after he was a communist communtiy organizer. Is this where he got in the habit of not taking a stand and voting present instead of yes or no? He campaigned on the promise that he would get us out of Iraq. How's that working out for you? And now he's ramping up the war in Afghanistan. I'll use the liberal weenie rhetoric on you and see if you have an answer. Afghanistan did not attack us on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

W. Bush and D. Cheney vowed to get Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden was located and protected where?