Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saws a blurb about former Bush Attorney General (and constitution stomper) Alberto Gonzales not being able to find a job. But I couldn't confirm that.
  • Everyone tells me to get satellite radio, but I wonder if there will be any satellite radio. Sirius is on the verge of bankruptcy with it's stock selling at 11 cents a share.
  • Watching the weather last night on Fox 4, they kept asking one of the weather guys what was going on itn the "chat session". I think they were referring to some chat area controlled by the National Weather Service, but it sure sounds funny.
  • Last night's storms were intense but very brief. Just like many marriages.
  • Great line from a family member on the concept of Project Graduation: "Why do we have to bribe kids to do what they are supposed to do anyway?"
  • Everywhere I go, girl scouts or harassing me to buy cookies.
  • Texas Tech and Texas have agreed to move their Big 12 football game to a prime time national telecast on September 19th. I like Tech, but that could be a blood bath at the hands of the Evil Empire. The game is in Austin, Tech is rebuilding, Texas is loaded, and revenge is in the air.
  • Decatur ISD is installing flat screen TVs for the purpose of displaying generic school announcements?
  • A Fort Worth district judge resigns because $140,000 a year just isnt' enough. These are indeed tough times.
  • I once said, "We can't do that. It would open up a can of Pandora's boxes." The room then stopped down and stared at me.
  • First the crazy bank bailout by Bush, now the crazy stimulus package by Obama, and now we're moving back to the banks to bail them out again. Can't we just let everything implode and start over?
  • Our state government got to kill someone last night. His last words: "My only statement is that no cases ever tried have been error-free. Those are my words. No cases are error-free." Huh?