The Campaign For DA


The Cleansing: Day 6

  • It's kind of mundane now. I'm beginning to get tired of cutting lemons, mixing lemons, and drinking a concoction made of lemons.
  • The worst part about Saturday was the loss of the simple joy of eating. When you don't have to plan for lunch or dinner, it kind of makes for a blah kind of day.
  • But to say I'm starving would be a lie. A slight hunger pain, but really no big deal.
  • Some one wrote the I should enjoy the journey instead of looking towards the end. That's probably pretty good advice.
  • I jogged yesterday with no issues. Actually felt pretty good.
  • Many people who do the program claim that by this point they "have more energy than ever" by this point. Although I don't feel bad, I don't find that to be true.
  • I started this thing so abruptly that my refrigerator is still full of tempting food. I get to see that every time I open it to get water.
  • That Fiji bottled water is kind of expensive -- but it comes in one quart containers which is perfect for my mixtures.
  • Once I get off this thing, I'm thinking of starting Nutrisystems. That will seem like an all you can eat buffet.
  • My Dallas text nemesis resurfaced last night at 8:47 p.m.: "Snuffers cheese fries and lots of beer."
Mood: Resigned but positive Feeling: A tad bit lethargic Weight loss: 5.0 lbs.