The Cleanse: Day 9

  • I see the finish line, and I'm excited.
  • The program, amazingly, gets easier as the days go by. I'm rarely hungry, and I'm certain I could do this for another week. But there's no way I will.
  • I'm kind of surprised about losing only 5.5 lbs, but I really didn't have that much to lose to start with. But my clothes are incredibly loser. (Most people lose in excess of 10.)
  • Someone wrote yesterday that it was a "waste" since I had loss 5.5 lbs of "pure muscle." Hey, I didn't have 5.5 lbs of muscle to start with.
  • But, once again, this was not about weight loss. It was about cleansing, And, trust me, that has been accomplished.
  • I've been 100% faithful to the program. There has not been one piece of food of any type that has entered my mouth in nine days.
  • Although I appreciate all the advice, there sure are a lot of experts out there.
  • The program says that I should start easing out of the program by only drinking orange juice on Day 11. Riiiiiiiiiiight.
  • I've continued my routine of jogging every other day without difficulty.
  • My Dallas nemeses emailed me yesterday and told me she was sick with the flu. Karma!
  • I had some funny text messages from an unfamiliar number last night telling me that he/she was eating Tacos al Carbon at Posada's. The last one was signed "Double Fake Reverse Text Heckler."
Mood: Ecstatic Feeling: 99% of normal Weight loss: 5.5 lbs