Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Yeah, Indian Girl two days in a row. But I love her.
  • Still don't care anything about American Idol.
  • I ate one Lean Cuisine meal and one can of soup yesterday. That pretty much filled me up.
  • Yesterday, across the country, 828 lawyers at the biggest law firms in the nation were laid off because of the recession.
  • Did you see the picture of the crazy lady who gave birth to eight rug rats before she bingoed? Oh, my.
  • I slept through my alarm today.
  • Every person on probation in Wise County pays $60 a month in probation fees. I wonder if the probation departments budget is a public record? I'd like to know.
  • Most police sketches of subjects don't look very human.
  • I don't know why anyone cares about the Mavericks. There is a 100% chance that if they make the playoffs they will be gone in the first round - second round tops.
  • 49 people die in a plane crash in upstate New York last night. Get this: There was a female pilot at the helm.