The Cleansing: Day 7

  • The easiest day so far. I have no idea why I'm not starving, but I guess my body has just adjusted.
  • I passed (pardon the pun) on the salt water cleanse yesterday. I just thought my body needed a rest. But I did drink the tea.
  • I had more energy than normal.
  • I haven't slept as soundly as other people on the program claim to. Then again, I never sleep through the night.
  • Weekend conquered! I'm home free now.
  • I hope.
  • Someone wrote I could have lost more weight if I had just been drinking Slimfast. Uh, it's the Master Cleanse Program not the Drink Silly Slimfast Diet.
  • My Dallas nemesis text: "Chicken broth and clear liquids. Have my own version of master cleanse going."
Mood: Like I'm ahead in the 4th quarter Feeling: Darn near normal Weight Loss: 5.5 lbs