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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Allison Krauss won a Grammy last night -- I've always thought she was a big time cutie. (But Krauss and Robert Plant are a weird combo although I'm compelled to track down that winning song.)
  • Funny line from Saturday Night Live: What do you tell your kids when they ask why they can't smoke dope like Michael Phelps? Tell them they can ---- as soon as they win 12 gold medals.
  • The Grammy's used to have a bit of haughty air about it. Not anymore. Performing last night: Jonas Brothers, Kid Rock, and Miley Cyrus.
  • Crazy Grammy moment: M.I.A. (honestly, I had no idea who she was) performing nine months pregnant. I'll find a pic. You won't believe the outfit. Edit: Got it.
  • Uh, He's Just Not That Into You looks like it might be funny.
  • The Southlake Town Center parking lot is always packed.
  • Finally got around to watching Whoopi Goldberg and Hannity. Bor. Ing. He cowered down and made it a lovefest.
  • Kirk Cameron, who has gone very Christian, is in a new movie called Fireproof. Never heard of it? Join the club. But the movie which was made for probably $500,000 has already made over $33 million.
  • What a mess Obama inherited. But I still feel comfortable seeing someone confident in the Oval Office for a change.
  • I don't consider a 72 degree day afternoon with 25 mph winds as a "nice day."
  • Regarding the kid that bled to death over the weekend while trying to burglarize a car: We talked about a similar scenario in law school and most of the class threw down the callous "he got what he deserved" comment. I still remember the professor looking up and saying, "He shouldn't have been stealing, but I'm not sure he deserved the death penalty for that particular crime."
  • Oh, and WBAP, with two days to cover the story, reported this morning that the death occurred in Decatur.
  • Finally finished Season 2 of The Wire. Love it.
  • The Rangers signed Andruw Jones to a minor league contract this weekend. Stay with me here. One year ago he signed a two year, $36 million deal with the Dodgers but turned out to be a colossal failure. Since in baseball all contracts are guaranteed, he cut a deal with the Dodgers where he would agree to defer the payment on the balance of his contract so they could release him. Incredible.