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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday I mentioned that Sirius Satellite Radio was down to 11 cents a share. Now they are worth 5.5 cents a share. But good news: If they declare bankruptcy they can void Howard Sterns $100 million a year contract.
  • If I ever get a senior citizen in my office who has been recently arrested, I'm normally in for a pretty entertaining time.
  • A huge beat down: Yesterday's Congressional panel of show boaters grilling bank CEOs. It's all about sound bites and nothing more.
  • And what do you think the head of Wells Fargo was thinking as he had to sit there getting yelled at? It's true that the bank didn't even ask for the bailout money.
  • If the banks aren't loaning money, they are not making money. Are there failures on the horizon?
  • I was behind a young girl yesterday on 287 who came inches from going off the pavement. She was texting.
  • But it would be dumb to have a law against texting. We've got a law against reckless driving. And if we have a specific law for texting, we need one for radio station changing, newspaper reading, and putting on make up.
  • I was desperately out of gas this morning and couldn't find my wallet. I finally rounded up three $1 bills that I had to sheepishly hand to the gas clerk.
  • Now that the Stimulus Package has passed, does the far right wing want the economy to fail? (That's the same logic that Rush/Hannity fired off when they said that those that oppose the war in Iraq wanted the carnage over there to continue so public support would drop.)
  • "Police in the South Carolina county where Michael Phelps was photographed smoking from a marijuana pipe have been arresting people as they seek to make a case against the superstar swimmer, a lawyer for one arrested person said Thursday." You've got to be kidding. If they arrested Phelps it would be ridiculous to be "arresting people" on the fringe? Cops Gone Wild.
  • I've got Sicko by Michael Moore on top of my DVD player that I need to watch.
  • You cannot turn on a premium movie channel without the spare movie Breach being played.
  • I finally got signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon. A buddy of mine is running his first full marathon at the same time.
  • Danica Patrick new swimsuit photo spread in Sports Illustrated. I still hate her.