Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday should have been called "Conservatives Driven Crazy Day."
  • That littlest Obama girl sure is a jumpy happy little thing.
  • I feel sorry for the thoughtful conservative who oppose Obama who are forced to stand next to the many redneck racists among us.
  • You've probably never heard it, but the brief radio show called "The Huckabee Report" is condescending.
  • I had a crazy dream last night. A guy didn't want me to report that he had dug up his murder victim so he could murder him again.
  • That McKinney quadruple murder case is odd. Yesterday a guy testified that he and the defendant were responsible for the killings but also claimed that he hadn't struck a deal with prosecutor's for his testimony. I question that.
  • That Bridgeport/Decatur basketball Internet broadcast (link below) was of really good quality. Isn't it a matter of time before there are video broadcasts of every high school event?
  • I still like the mascot name of "Sissies." (If you pull out a 1970s book about Bridgeport's Sesquicentennial, you'll find that the boys team was originally named "Bullies" on the basis that, before the team had a name, a reporter asked a player what the teams mascot was. "I don't know," said the player. "But when we lose he calls us sissies and when we win he calls us bullies."
  • Despite the multiple comments yesterday, I don't thing George Bush was "hated" from the start. It was his actions that caused his popularity to plunge.
  • I don't like 55 degree days. Either be hot or cold.
  • John Roberts should be absolutely embarrassed for screwing up the oath of office. And when you watch it again, it's obvious that Obama paused to give the guy a chance to get it right. What a shame for that moment to have been ruined.
  • I wonder how long it will take the nutcases to say, "He's not President because he didn't take the real oath of office!!!"
  • The concept of meeting someone for breakfast in a restaurant is not appealing.
  • The Unions are taking credit for saving the passengers of the jet that went into the Hudson. (Emailed to me.)
  • Motorcycle death.