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We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration

I just watched it off TIVO, and it was really, really great. This old cynical heart of mine doesn't get moved much anymore, but it was truly inspirational. Maybe, just maybe, we can get back on track. Catch a replay of it if you can. Musical highlights:
  • Garth singing "Shout" and "We Will Be Free" in front of a backdrop of black and white kids singing as happily as could be. Edit: And, yeah, he did whip me with his "look at me" stage antics.
  • U2 being U2
  • James Taylor singing "Shower The People" with John Legend backing him up.
  • Usher, Shakira and Stevie Wonder singing "Superstition."
  • Josh Groden Groben


betty boop said...

Uh, that would be Josh Groban...he's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Other great moments -
Bruce Springsteen and "The Rising"
Bruce Sprinsteen with Pete Seeger and "This Land is Your Land; This Land is My Land"
John Mellencamp & choir singing "Little Pink Houses"

Anonymous said...

Obama is president,
Now we can all love each other,
Now there will be rainbows in the sky,
Now, we can all go out in the fields and pick flowers for one another

(said with EXTREME sarcasm, lest anyone think I was serious........these goofy Obama supporters might not know that I was joking)

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't wait for the sun to shine a little brighter, water to be a little cooler, girls to be a little more beautiful tomorrow. It's amazing the power that one man will have.

Easy're slobbering all over the bathing suit area of the new president.

Anonymous said...

it is a sad sad day for the usa.

Anonymous said...

egad, garth brooks...can't stand him.

Anonymous said...

53% of voting Americans think it's a great day.
After 8 years, I feel like our nation is coming out from behind a dark, dark cloud.
I know most of my fellow Texans don't agree with me.
God Bless USA and our free elections.

Anonymous said...

It is a WONDERFUL day for the United States to think that a government of the people, by the people and for the people is not as narrow minded, racist and ignorant in all you Obama haters. WAKE UP WISE COUNTY! YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY if you are against Obama. How can you be against Obama when he has not even taken office yet, and our economy is at the lowest level it has been at since the Great Depression?

Anonymous said...

Iam sick of the Obama crap

Anonymous said...

When it was election time, they said to not let 'race' be an issue when you voted.Chose the right man for the job, regardless of the color of his skin. But those who said those words, are making 'race' be the reason to celebrate. I'll be glad when it is Wednesday. Lets get on with it, and stop making a fuss over the fact he is black, and see what kind of job he can do.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture of Garth and thought it was an inauguration party for the High Sheriff.

Seriously, I didn't like Shrub. But I cannot understand the absolute hatred the Dems had for him. Good grief, you sound like my great-grammy taking about FDR.

Anonymous said...

Please keep a running count of how many times you "wet yourself with glee" during tomorrow's coronation Barry.

wordkyle said...

Sad but not unexpected is how if one opposes Obama's policies, his supporters immediately scream "racist."

Let's see, what's it called when a group of followers have unquestioning devotion and adoration of a man because of the power of his personality, his rhetoric and his charisma?

Timone in Tupelo said...

Give it up Barry. Do you really, really believe Obama is going to change things? Tomorrow will be different for sure. They are spending extremely more money for an inauguration than ever before and for that I will get to pay more taxes. Super.

Do you really think MCI and Enron went bankrupt overnight or do you, like most every other sane business leader, think that those companies spent years (during the Clinton years) doing wrong before it collapsed? Do you really think Fannie and Freddie just started making bad loans or do you think it started years ago and the time to pay up finally came around?

Sure, things will be different with Obama. Some will be better, some will be worse but in the end, things won't change very much. Stay cynical - just point it at the right target. It's not Bush or Obama - it's the screwed up system that is eventually going to collapse on top of us just like every other empire run amok.

Anonymous said...

you've hated garth brooks for years..i believe your word for him was "fake"

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, for once I agree with you. Though I voted for Obama, I'm not going to worship the guy.

It's fun to feel good and bask in the sunshine,but I'm gonna wait and see if he walks the walk when reality hits him......

.....AND us.

Anonymous said...

Only those who have cable were able to see Garth Brooks, the only Republican, perform at the concert. Taxpayers paid for the security but they made millions off of selling the copyright. Now that is change!

Sorry, but a lot of those who think the savior is going into office at noon will be disappointed when the heavens don't open and God doesn't speak!

For all of us in Wise County like others in the heartland who don't see Obama as the savior, we have to remain strong and speak up on issues we support.

Our nation is at a crossroads and we have to end the corruption that is taking our nation down. Greed and pride will be our downfall!

Back to Garth, the Republican. He did the best job of getting the crowd involved. Garth for President 2012!

RPM said...

Garth is a hasbeen. He's no Chris Gaines.

Anonymous said...

6:45 it's nice to see an Obama supporter who is expecting him to walk the walk rather than to walk on water.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 11:14. Who was it that said "Drink your kool-aid and follow me."?

Anonymous said...

Similar to the rabid Germans when Hitler came to power. Just a few years ago the major news media was suggesting that too much money was being spent on Bush's inauguration. Much of the money for this one is coming from from the banking industry. Did they not just receive a bailout? So some of the bailout money is going to worship the chosen one! Were not most of you, including Barry, complaining about the bailout?

Anonymous said...

Did Barth get down on one knee and stick his hat over his heart...While the LardAss Belly hung over them painted on Jeans...

Anonymous said...

The stupidest headline I've seen yet (and there will be more to come for sure)

From Slavery To The Presidency

Are you kidding me?

Obama was a slave?

No, Oh, his parents were? No of course not.

Grandparents? Mm- no

Great grandparents? No.

chupacabra said...

Barry, yesterday you would have been hatin' on Garth Brooks like no other- toady he "moves" you?

Anonymous said...

I just want to go on record as Hatin Barf Brooks since day one.

Anonymous said...

Garth will get nasty looks next time he shops at the Owasso, Ok. wal mart by the rednecks he lives next to there.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean Josh Groban esse'?

Anonymous said...

don't know, just another view. just saying, broad brush, kool-aid drinkers, weenies, mean-spirits, Jesus,....Muslim, Obammy,
Apples vs Orchards: Comparing Inauguration Costs
Category: bad math
Posted on: January 20, 2009 4:16 PM, by Mark C. Chu-Carroll

People keep sending me links to this, so I'll make a short post about it.

In the hubbub surrounding the Obama inauguration, there've been all sorts of incredulous press pieces discussing the supposed outrageousness of the costs of this inauguration compared to others. I've personally heard this reported on the BBC world service, CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. In these reports, the cost of the Obama inauguration is generally reported as between 150 and 160 million dollars. When they provide a contrast, they talk about how Bush's second inauguration cost $40 million.

The problem is, this is a metric error. They're comparing apples to orchards.

When they cite the Bush inauguration cost as $40 million, they're talking about the cost of the inauguration parties - that is, the cost of the festivities themselves. That cost does not include security. It does not include the cost of paying police to shut down the city streets. It doesn't include the cost of cleaning up after the crowds. It's just the cost of the parties.

The Obama figure of 160 million includes everything - police, security, setup, and cleanup.

A fair comparison? If you exclude the security costs, Bush's second inauguration cost $42 million; Obama's is expected to cost around $45 million. If you include the security costs, Bush's second inauguration cost somewhere around $155 million. (The exact figures are still not public knowledge; Bush and company treated it as a "national security matter" which did not need to be disclosed.)

Yet another fake controversy brought to you by the supposedly liberal-biased media.