Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'll be glad when the week is over.
  • The wreck that took the life of the Decatur teen yesterday was so odd. No collision with another vehicle. Open and wide road. No intersection.
  • And I saw where the Decatur Football Banquet has been postponed. I'm sure it's because of the accident.
  • I get tired of all the commercials telling me to invest in gold. (Hey, the fact that it is "near and all time high" is a bad thing.)
  • Lost tried to bring everyone up to date with a one hour show last night at 7:00 p.m. Despite having seen the first season, I could only think, "Craziest show ever." Uh, they moved the island?
  • The chances of me talking on the phone after I leave the office for the day is easily less than 5%.
  • I really get excited when one of the national networks abruptly breaks into regular programming with "breaking news." Not this local "breaking news" crap, but with real stop down news. It happens maybe three times a year.
  • Watched Office Space again last weekend. I hit replay on the "show her my O face" scene a couple of times.
  • I programmed my home DVR over the Internet from the office yesterday to record the local news about the local tragedy/wreck.
  • When I click on a video from a news web site, I'll put up with a commercial that lasts no longer than 15 seconds. If it's 30 seconds, I'm out.
  • The nominees for the most over-rated award were announced this morning: The Academy Awards. By the way, the over-rated Dark Knight received no nominations in the top categories other than Heath Ledger. And Clint Eastwood didn't get nominated for saying "get off my lawn" (yeah!!!!!!!!!).
  • I think I've lost a little weight.
  • I like it when I pass toddlers on the street and they scream "Hi!!!!" at me.
  • Funniest scene in a DWI video I watched the other day. An arrested and angry female asks the trooper if he's married. Trooper responds that he is. Female looks away and sarcastically says under her breath, "Luuuuuucky gal."
  • Yep, Obama had to be sworn in again. It wasn't necessary but it's the only way to shut up the wackos. But I wonder if he went back and re-signed the handful of documents that he signed on Tuesday?
  • But the Drudge Report has a headline screaming this morning that "No Bible Was Used" during the do over. The entire right wing may suffer from a collective heart attack before the week is over because of the Obama presidency.
  • I've not had a Big Mac in over a decade. Maybe 15 years.
  • Amazing stat: Fort Worth had the fewest number of homicides in 40 years last year. With more people, more guns, and more general craziness, how is that possible? You know what Freakonmics attributes the lower crime rate to? Roe v. Wade.