Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'll be glad when the week is over.
  • The wreck that took the life of the Decatur teen yesterday was so odd. No collision with another vehicle. Open and wide road. No intersection.
  • And I saw where the Decatur Football Banquet has been postponed. I'm sure it's because of the accident.
  • I get tired of all the commercials telling me to invest in gold. (Hey, the fact that it is "near and all time high" is a bad thing.)
  • Lost tried to bring everyone up to date with a one hour show last night at 7:00 p.m. Despite having seen the first season, I could only think, "Craziest show ever." Uh, they moved the island?
  • The chances of me talking on the phone after I leave the office for the day is easily less than 5%.
  • I really get excited when one of the national networks abruptly breaks into regular programming with "breaking news." Not this local "breaking news" crap, but with real stop down news. It happens maybe three times a year.
  • Watched Office Space again last weekend. I hit replay on the "show her my O face" scene a couple of times.
  • I programmed my home DVR over the Internet from the office yesterday to record the local news about the local tragedy/wreck.
  • When I click on a video from a news web site, I'll put up with a commercial that lasts no longer than 15 seconds. If it's 30 seconds, I'm out.
  • The nominees for the most over-rated award were announced this morning: The Academy Awards. By the way, the over-rated Dark Knight received no nominations in the top categories other than Heath Ledger. And Clint Eastwood didn't get nominated for saying "get off my lawn" (yeah!!!!!!!!!).
  • I think I've lost a little weight.
  • I like it when I pass toddlers on the street and they scream "Hi!!!!" at me.
  • Funniest scene in a DWI video I watched the other day. An arrested and angry female asks the trooper if he's married. Trooper responds that he is. Female looks away and sarcastically says under her breath, "Luuuuuucky gal."
  • Yep, Obama had to be sworn in again. It wasn't necessary but it's the only way to shut up the wackos. But I wonder if he went back and re-signed the handful of documents that he signed on Tuesday?
  • But the Drudge Report has a headline screaming this morning that "No Bible Was Used" during the do over. The entire right wing may suffer from a collective heart attack before the week is over because of the Obama presidency.
  • I've not had a Big Mac in over a decade. Maybe 15 years.
  • Amazing stat: Fort Worth had the fewest number of homicides in 40 years last year. With more people, more guns, and more general craziness, how is that possible? You know what Freakonmics attributes the lower crime rate to? Roe v. Wade.


Anonymous said...

There is more TRUTH in the movie "Office Space" than in any other movie ever made!

Anonymous said...

The craziest things about those gold scams?

Noodniks that scrape together enough cash to buy 2 oz.- Way to go you made half a boat payment for some jackass (especially the ones where the dealer 'stores' the gold for them)

EVERY time this nonsense rises to the top you can't open a web browser or a business/money section of a newspaper without seeing an article explaining why this is such a bad idea.

Signed Fake Real Certified Financial Planner

Anonymous said...

The DWI girl was prolly bein sarcastic meaning who orr why would anybody marry this guy

Anonymous said...

"Watched Office Space again last weekend. I hit replay on the "show her my O face" scene a couple of times."
It takes all kinds, I guess

"But the Drudge Report has a headline screaming this morning that "No Bible Was Used" during the do over. The entire right wing may suffer from a collective heart attack before the week is over because of the Obama presidency."
Is there some kind of constitutional requirement that the oath be taken on a book of one's choosing? All members of the military are required to swear an oath upon induction. I don't recall having a Bible on hand. I simply raised my hand. It carried the same validity.
As for the second part of your statement: The right wing nut jobs twisting off - probably; however, the sensible conservative (!) accepts that we have a new president. I don't see the use in trying to insult him by calling him Obammy or Hussein. In that sense I can at least scoreboard the late Molly Ivins (shrub) and Garrison Keillor (current occupant).
I know that you're just trolling for comments, but it's important for the giddy left to understand that most of the folks who oppose Obama's brand of politics don't necessarily wish his ruin

Anonymous said...

Here's something for all you racists out there.

Dad drove a stock car to an early death,all I remember is a drunk mans breath, ain't livin long like this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us, chief

Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight and Gran Torino were two of the best movies I saw all year. If it wasn't for you liking movies like "Office Space" I'd think you were a complete moron, but as it is, I'm only 97.3456% sure of that.

HHL said...

you know, you can get rid of those ads completely. if you use firefox, that is.

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and if you're really serious about getting rid of all flash ads, you need to install something called NoScript. this will disable all flash and javascript, which is really annoying at first (because of course you want and need some flash and javascript to work), but with a little patience over time you can add most everything you want to your whitelist, which is really simple to use (you just click on "allow" in a little menu at the bottom corner of the browser. Ad Block Plus also has an easy-to-use whitelist.

with these widgets installed, you will never see any internet advertisement again -- unless you want to.

double-fake annoying tech nerd guy

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, so far the toddlers are saying, "HI"......??

....be glad they aren't saying, "hi granddad" ......

...mistaken identity happens all the time!!


chupacabra said...

8:52 says,"Here's something for all you racists out there.

Dad drove a stock car to an early death,all I remember is a drunk mans breath, ain't livin long like this."


Anonymous said...

I think America is wonderful!We change presidents regularly and give everyone a chance at going "wacko" The Dems have had years of bashing Bush, and now it is the Repub turn.

In four to eight, it will flip again. America is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Barry, you must be bored. Why else would you dare reference the Freakonomics abortion/crime thing?

Andria said...

I would say my chances of talking on the phone after I leave work are less than your 5%. Could be because I answer technical assistance and research calls from prosecutors all day long at work. I make calls on my commute...then once I get home. No phone!!! Yay!!!!

Jarhead said...

I'm pretty sure the hand on the Bible thing is more tradition than Constitutional requirement. The Constitution only specifies the exact words a President my say during the oath, not the circumstances surrounding the oath.

I'm sure we right wing whackjobs can find more substantive arguments against Obama's policies than worrying about whether he followed tradition on his swearing-in "do over."

That was a pretty stupid post by Drudge. Hell, the guy used a Bible yesterday, what the big freakin' deal?

The Prawn said...

i deleted my blog on accident...i'm sure that thrills some of you to no end...and i'm ok with that.

Anonymous said...

I guess that picture is from the Inaguaral now that we're all free, liberated and "Loving the One We're With. O.K. that's just a joke, don't want to piss-off any of the Liberals. No, the Bible was not required on the re-do and "no" not all Conservatives are having a cow about it. He's our President and I'll support him even though I didn't vote for him. I truly believe the Obama bashing Conservatives are few and far between but if you say anything negative about the guy you're a wacko. At least that's how the Liberal media see's it. I was impressed with that Jay-Z guy at one of the Inagural Balls who said the "F-ing Bush's are gone, the F-ing Whities are gone", that was classy and not one major news outlet mentioned it, go figure! O'Reilly had it on last night but I'm sure it's some sort of conspiracy thing by the rightwing people.

Anonymous said...

Prawn, I believe you are under the false impression that people actually knew or cared you had a blog.

The fact that you come on this blog to announce the fact that your blog has been flushed impacts no one, except your inflated ego and obviously high opinion of yourself.

Begone with you! Back to the Romper Room!

Anonymous said...

9:19 chupacabra
I had to read it a couple of times before I got it, too. Think about it - racists = racing fans. Drove a stock car and all that. Get it now, or do I have to find some crayons and draw you a big color picture? Naw, I'm just kidding, you're alright
Stretching it as a pun, maybe a double entendre equating racing fans with being racists. Whatever

Anonymous said...

Barry, It must be really hard for you to live in such a closed minded town. Obama won, get over it people! Oh yea, and thanks to all of you that are not aware that you there another option besides voting straight ticket, you will be enjoying your new appointed officials soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Prawn, sorry about the deletion of your blog.

Now if Wordy's had been deleted, some of us would be dancing in the streets.

Atticus said...

Waylon Jennings lyrics to "Ain't Living Long Like This":
Grew up in Houston off the wayside drives
Son of a carhop and some all night dives
Dad drove a stock car to an early death
All i remember was a drunk man's breath
Ain't living long like this
Can't live at all like this,can i baby?

The Prawn said...

Anon @ 11:18

Never watched Romper Room, I preferred Sesame Street...I'll go there instead.

wordkyle said...

1258 - Thanks for the compliment. If my little ol' blog bothers Liberals, I must be doing something right. So please, keep reading and keep complaining.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only ones bothered by you "little ol' blob" are the stall toe tappers that want to get next to you. Extremely madly. You turn them on. Craig has your stall number.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, your village has been looking for you. Please return to your village. They need at least 1.

wordkyle said...

1102 & 1115 - You guys do realize that you're confirming my point and reinforcing my motivation, don't you?

No, I don't guess you do. Sometimes you guys take all the fun out of humiliating you.

Anonymous said...

That stat is reflecting the fact that Texans are not easy prey. The fact that a large number of people carry, or have the legal ability to, a weapon on their person at most any time makes the would-be bad guys a little hesitant about doing the deed. There is a post on Craigs List that says it all. It is an apology to a guy that tryed to hold up a guy and his girlfreind in Georgia. He said that when the guy pulled a knife on him and took his jacket, he offered him the Kimber 45ACP pistol that he had holstered under said jacket. At this point the badguy lost control of his bowels and ran away with a lump in the back of his pants. He then called the guys mom on the cell phone that he left behind and told her all about it. So now everybody this guy knows has found out how "hard core" he really is.

chupacabra said...

Thanks Atticus