Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I could have sworn I was coming down with the flu last night, but then it left me. Weird. Maybe just allergies
  • I haven't mentioned the Republicans meeting in the House while its not in session because it is a silly publicity stunt. (And that Rep. Jeb Hensarling, who replaced Charles Stenholm, is a Rush Limbaugh starter kit. He actually said, "Americans can't afford to go on vacation so I don't think it's right that Nancy Pelosi gets to go on vacation." Incredible.)
  • I had a craving for Ranch Style Bean last night and went to the store to get some.
  • I got to meet Greg "The Hammer" Williams yesterday. What a nice guy.
  • Man, I don't understand the "controversy" over the pic of the new Decatur High School Elementary School principal that appeared in the Messenger. I thought it was great and just fun.
  • Joel Osteen's wife is being sued in a silly lawsuit after she got a little snippy on an airplane. A flight attendant claims she was pushed which caused, and I'm not making this up, anxiety and hemorrhoids. And the story also says she wants 10% of Olsteen's net worth in punitive damages. I hope she doesn't get a dime.
  • I was involved in a funny bit yesterday at the courthouse as we tried to recreate what it will be like if Joel Osteen is called as a witness. We could just see an enthralled and smiling jury as Joel testifies (and you have to do this with a Joel voice), "Yes my wife can have a temper but God didn't make us sheep, now did He? He gave us emotions and wants us to express them. Now my dear wife, who has the patience of Job after putting up with me all these years, might get a little angry when I don't take out the trash or won't turn off the television, but she wouldn't raise a hand to another soul. God doesn't work within us like that. Does He?"
  • Thank goodness our long National Nightmare is over since Brett Favre signed with the Jets last night. (But I always pronounce his name as Fafffraaaa ever since I saw Something About Mary.)
  • Speaking of that movie, that "Seven Minute Abs" scene makes me laugh every time
  • I wonder if that pic above will enlarge?
  • I actually heard the AOL alert at the courthouse yesterday when the words, "You've got mail!" came over a computer speaker. Hadn't heard that in years.
  • Overnight news: "Police said it appears a 44-year-old man killed his wife and their 14-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself this week in their North Fort Worth home."Man, there are a lot of murder-suicides these days.
  • I haven't been to downtown Fort Worth in a while. I used to go all the time.
  • I feel sorry for people that have to hire me to defend them against a simple marijuana possession charge.
  • I always thought there was a greater chance of Speedo Man whipping my arse than getting a letter from a Dairy Queen lawyer.
  • I once prosecuted a guy for robbing the Dairy Queen in Rhome. He actually went to prison. He was not a criminal mastermind.
  • Remember when Dallas tried to get the rights to the 2012 Olympics? Yep, a marathon in 104 degree temperature would be swell.
  • Twenty-six cheerleaders (yep, 26) got stuck in the same elevator in Austin yesterday. I'm pretty sure I saw that in a movie on Cinemax last weekend.