A Man Can Get Stabbed Anywhere These Days

You kind of hear about you occasional killing at a downtown Dallas Hip Hop bar or some rundown place off of Harry Hines, but you don't hear about many stabbings that get started in an Uptown bar. (That's normally where I roll with my entourage.) But we have a new entry of getting-killed-in-a-club-where-you-don't-expect-to-be-killed: Tribeca. (And, for Ticket fans, it looks like a place where a bunch of Chris Chris's hang out.) Remember kids, no one got stabbed at Frilly's last night. And, tip number two: Leave your boxcutters at home. Edit: The Dallas Morning News began allowing comments on its stories this week. And, man, they let quite a bit go through. Much more than I thought. The story on this incident is here.