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Whose Who's Working For Runaway Bay PD? Spielberg?

I'm not going to do this justice but here goes. All DWI videos come on DVDs these days. Assuming you can get them to play in a regular DVD player and not just on a computer (no small feat), you really don't have a lot of technological options available. I mean, you're not going to have "scene selection", "alternative audio", or a "director's commentary." Normally the thing just fires up and starts playing. But I just popped one in from Runaway Bay which caused me to waste 10 minutes of my life because it's so freakin' awesome. It immediately fired up and I see a truck with its hazards flashing in front of the cop's car . No problem, I think. I presume the cop is running my guy's DL and we'll see him on the screen in a second. I turned up the volume and started doing other stuff. After a while a take a second look at the screen and see no cop. Man this is taking a long time, I thought. Upon closer inspection I see, down at the bottom (in small letters), the words "Play" and "Scene Selection." Yep, I was just watching an opening menu screen BUT the opening screen was a ten second loop of the first part of the video. So I hadn't been watching a truck sit there in front of the cop car for ten minutes, I had been watching a ten second loop of a truck in front of the cop car. Frustrated yet impressed, I hit "scene selection" just to see what I'd get. I'll be dang, it works. But get this: It popped up six windows and in all six windows there isn't a still shot but part of that scene actually playing. It's like sensory overload. I feel like I'm in Best Buy. I don't know what type of program they have out there at Runaway Bay, but Homeland Security must be throwing a lot of money their way. Edit: Upon reflection, this probably wasn't worth the long post. That O. Michael Rinke has thrown me off my game.