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Thursday Morning Random Thoughts

- Channel 4's Clarice Tinsley, in reporting on the storm in Collin County, said at 10:03 p.m. last night, "One resident estimated the winds at 60 miles per hour." Really? That's your source? "One resident?"
- I gave 30 hours of my life to the audiobook, "The Fountainhead." I'm in the process of formulating a very angry and hot sports opinion about it.
- I still don't care about the Dallas Stars. The Rangers have won 7 of their last 10. And it is 114 days until the first college football Saturday.
- I don't know how Mike Synder and Jane McGarry of Channel 5 have jobs.
- The Cowboys are allowing HBO's "Hard Knocks" back in their training camp this summer. Good times. NFL Films puts out a lot of junk, but that show is pretty good.
- I think almost all of us never do anything significant with our lives.
- I wasn't the only one thinking the San Diego State drug bust was silly.
- Running for president would be a beating of biblical proportions.
- Have you ever watched one of the DFW infomercials for a car dealership on one of the Spanish channels? Talk about scantily clad women.
- I loved "Speed Racer" as a kid, but that new movie looks a little odd.
- Tony Romo tried to pull a "Tin Cup" and qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament but, as is history in football, he didn't get past the first round. (That observation, and some that are pretty funny, are in the comments section of this story in the DMN.)
- June Cleaver has been voted "Favorite TV Mom" in the history of ever. My vote for hottest TV mom would go to Laura Petrie.
- Boring news: Russia's new president Dmitry Medvedev is sworn in. Interesting news: They actually have a ceremony where they hand him a briefcase containing the nuclear codes. (Saw it on Today Show.)