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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- "State Sen. Florence Shapiro of Dallas is considering setting up an exploratory committee to run for the U.S. Senate in anticipation of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison running for governor." That nutcase has done so much damage in the Texas Legislature that I'd like to see her in Congress. At least she'd be neutralized there.
- I still think the evidence was ridiculously insufficient to convict Scott Peterson.
"Facebook on Thursday reached a user safety agreement with the attorneys general of 49 states and the District of Columbia." Who was the State not to sign on because the measures weren't "tough enough"? Texas. The real reason: The Texas Attorney General, who shall remain nameless, wanted his name publicized.
- 91% off the price of Microsoft Office Ultimate if you can snag an .edu email address.
- The Gin Blossoms performed at Mayfest in Fort Worth last week. I used to love the Gin Blossoms (but I get tired of every group eventually.)
- Doing anything on October 5, 2013? Notre Dame will play football at the new Cowboy stadium on that date. (They were supposed to play Baylor there but some screwy contract rule caused the game to be moved, oddly, to New Orleans.)
- John McCain's wife is smoking hot. (And she's older than 25!!!)
- Every time I catch a little of the "Reno 911" movie on cable, I laugh.
- The "fake rape" lady made bond pending appeal yesterday. All the news stations say she is eligible for parole after 1/2 of her 5 year sentence. I think that's wrong. I think it's 1/4 time including good time.
- Jessica Alba "Hey, Now" before she messed up and decided to bring a sweet baby into the world.
- Worth a giggle: This three and half minute interview with some Desperate Housewife gal by a WFAA reporter. The lug nuts go flying at the 1:27 mark.
- Honor Society Students?: Three kids near Houston remove a skull from a grave and use it for a bong. Obviously we need to toughen those skull bong laws. Edit: We got pictures.
- Terry Bradshaw has a hot daughter?
- Ex-UT running back Cedric Benson on the lake before his BWI arrest last weekend. He's very Wise County: He likes beer and white women. (Source)