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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- Did you see the hallway scene in the Tarrant County Courthouse after the "fake rape" lady was sentenced to five years in the hoosegow? (Crazy case: She's boinking a guy in his car when her husband arrives. She yells "rape!" Husband shoots and kills the guy. Husband doesn't get charged, but she gets prosecuted for "recklessly" causing the guy's death.) Her kids were crying and screaming in the hallway. Understandably so. That, my friends, was some tension.
- And the prosecutor, who just happen to be black like the defendant, implied that the victim's family also wasn't happy with the five year sentence. This is one where everyone walks away frustrated and unsatisfied.
- And I shouldn't have watched that before I went to bed: I had the most vivid dream of being sentenced to one year in the State Jail. They made me a trustee, but I was going crazy by day 2.
- The new Super Logo doesn't have a six shooter in it, but does have the very odd words "North Texas" at the top. Go Mean Green!!!
- The Myanmar cyclone death count is up to 15,000. How does that happen? Safe to say They don't get Pete Delkus in Myanmar. Edit: 50,000?
- I don't know why anyone would want to be a County Commissioner or a School Board member.
- CBS has announced that the price for a thirty second Super Bowl ad next year will be $3 million
- In the Valley of Elah is great. And the final scene of hoisting the flag spoke volumes regarding the current Administration.
- When I was a kid at Bridgeport Jr. High, our U.S. flag on the outside pole was actually flown upside down by mistake one morning. And a motorist came in to correct the error. Word spread like wildfire.
- And I liked this refreshing bit from the "Extras" section of the Elah DVD. Tommie Lee Jones: "The director liked my character in the beginning of the movie more than I did." Interviewer: "What do you think now?" Jones: "(Puzzled.) What I think doesn't matter. My job is to play the role the way the director tells me to."
- Yeah, I actually add to this list when I get to work.