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Random Monday Night Thoughts

- Cops not liked by Mexican soccer fans - (link goes to quick video at
- Better pic of the teacher fired in Florida.
- Iron Man made a ton of money over the weekend: $100,750,000
- Hey, now which involves a horse. (Hey, it's in honor of Kentucky Derby weekend.)
- I'm not sure I'd be posing for a picture if this happened to me.
- They tell me that the Dallas Stars won their playoff series last night with a goal at 1:20 a.m. I didn't watch a second of it.
- Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo for $47 billion. Yahoo said "no" this weekend. Watch Yahoo's stock price here.
- The logo for the Super Bowl in Dallas will be unveiled this morning. Please don't have a Cowboy hat anywhere in it.
- Dallas DA Craig Watson caused a lot of commotion this weekend calling for criminal sanctions for prosecutors who withhold evidence. It'll never happen and it's sad that such a proposal even has to be considered. (And check out logic-challenged ADA Stacey Brownlee who thinks defense lawyers should be obligated to turn over evidence that will convict their clients.)
- Random college reporter from Liberty Baptist. I can't say "Hey, Now" about anything involving Liberty Baptist.
- Edit: A faithful reader sends this youtube clip of a fake Hannah Montana / Vanity Fair photo-shoot (which could offend some viewers.)